Quick Outfit Post

I know I know, I need to work a little harder and do these posts as they happen.

Still trying to get into the groove of 8th Grade and juggling everything together is challenging, but I’m getting there..hopefully.






Here I am wearing the most adorable frock ever from Japan.

It’s in a shade of Nude/Beige with Black Kitties and Blue Fish.


Then there’s that Leather Jacket from Zara.

Love it.

I accessorized with a Bollywood Blue Cuff which has really cool Metallic Gold undertones, a beaded Faux Pearl Bow Necklace, a button bade featuring a print of Black Lips (this was a gift from Project Runway All Star Winner Mondo Guerra), a Brown Alligator Double Wrapped Cuff (I love being able to “borrow” stuff from my momma), and super funky doodle Dark Brown Slouchy Boots.

These are terrific, they’ve got buckles and a braided trim which echoes the Katniss braid I had going that day.

Until next time!

Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

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