Come Back, Spring Break!

I know it’s only been a few days, but I miss Spring Break.

I would go to bed at 10pm, wake up at noon, nap at 2pm, then wake up at 8pm (that’s the life). So returning to the regular schedule was a rude awakening.

And even though it’s a four-day week, the days seem hella long.

The perfect top for the last day of school.
Self-Love Moment: My hair is on point 👌.
Those sunglasses, like most of the ones I wear, are courtesy of my momma ❤️.
Look how tall I am! 💁

My friend Joy constantly says that I dress like a hip hop dancer, which I don’t really get. Because that would imply that I have rhythm and swag. Which I don’t.

Don’t be deceived by the photos. Without someone else’s directions, I’d just stand there and tell the photographer to hurry up (which my mother can confirm).

This is me when I’m done with life.
Shoes are BAMBOO. Pants from Forever 21. Angel Ring from somewhere. 🙄
Sunglasses from Poshmark. Top from the Laundry Room (yes, this is legit).

I know that this is not my most inspiring post, but I promise that next one will be better.

My sleep deprivation is taking a toll on me and I need to finish reading Chapter Seven of the Great Gastby (spoiler alert: Tom’s a douche).

Extra shot courtesy of my momma.
Missing Spring Break

Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “Come Back, Spring Break!”

  1. I too am in mourning over the passing of Spring Break, one entire week of being able to sleep in. The luxury of it, insert sigh. Ah well. I’ve always felt that the weekend ought to begin on a Thursday and end on a Monday, if we keep hoping for it, perhaps one day it might just happen??

    p/s in my utterly unbiased opinion, you’ve got rhythm and swag in spades!!! I heart your pants.

      1. Duh. That said, I dare say it’s a sentiment echoed by all your blog commentators. Why else would they visit and on a regular basis, at that?? 🙂

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