Flowers On the Internet

It’s that time of the month again: Project Sister Act!

Our theme for March is called Flower Garden.

And while I’m not aversed to florals, I’m not really a Flower Power kind of gal.

This is me when I’m in Pre-Cal and I’m bored because I gots it.

As cool as this shot may look, it took a lot of quad strength and stamina to hold that position.

I swear, Sofia is hell bent on making me exercise during every photoshoot.

Check out my Hunger Games pose.
Sunglasses from Poshmark. Earrings from Kate Spade.
Shoes from Charles & Keith.
Top from H&M. Pants from Mixed Culture.
Ready for Good Friday!

Olawunmi, 20s  ( )

Sidenote: obsessed with Olawunmi’s jumpsuit.

Gemma, 30s ( )

Love Gemma’s dress and how the red just pops.

Sheela, 40s ( )

Yes, I stole my mothers’s sunglasses. Again.

Jodie, 50s ( )

Jodie looking super chic in all white.

Nancy, 60s ( )

Nancy’s pants are so cool!

Charlotte, 70s ( )

Charlotte’s mod dress is so pretty.


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Flowers On the Internet”

  1. So your top is feminine floral and your pants, funky floral, and when the two shall meet, they look amazing. I wonder where you got your rad fashion skills from, ahem GRIN it’s all you and it’s really cool xoxo

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