It’s Friday. Praise da Lord.

Thank God it’s Friday!

Not because this week has been stressful or overwhelming. But because the sophomores and freshman have EOC testing.

That means the rest of the students have their schedules mixed up.

At my school there are various colored wings, like Blue and Red.

The testing rooms are at the Blue and Aqua wings, which are mostly the math and history departments. And since this week has been full on testing, juniors and seniors have had to relocate to different classrooms everyday.

Plus the teachers we would normally have become unavailable. They spend the majority of the day watching over the students that are testing.

So this entire week I have been on my phone.

Which gets boring after a while.

I actually got sick of my phone (first time ever).

Studio Movie Grill – my soulmate. Besides hot chocolate. And Fridays. And naps. And chocolate milk.

What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than to take a nap?

Thought I was gonna say go to the movies, huh?

Well….that’s the second best thing to do on a Friday. It’s fun to go to the movies and hang out with friends after a long week of school.

Just imagine this: You and your squad are walking towards the movie theatre’s entrance. Meghan Trainor’s NO is playing in the background as the wind blows through our hair. The first few seconds are in slow motion. The people around us stop and stare. Either in admiration or wondering why the hell we’re walking so slowly. This is the ultimate #squadgoal.

Jumpsuit from Forever 21.

Once again, our lovely photographer Sophia, made me do work.

It may not seem like it requires a lot of effort to sit on that brink wall thingy, but, as you can see, it’s curved. So I was in danger of falling off every few seconds.

Also, my romper was on the verge of riding up. Which would not make a flattering picture.

Sunglasses are PRADA via Poshmark.
Bracelet from Poshmark.
Shoes from Wild Diva Lounge.

Blue and mustard yellow –  the most underrated color couple ever.

A lot of people would never think the two would go well together. But on the color wheel blue is right across yellow. Which means that they are literally called complementary colors.

Pretty cool huh?

Just throwing in some art facts #artnerd.

Whatcha lookin’ at?

You wake up, flawless.

Post up, flawless.

I woke up like this.

We flawless, ladies tell ’em.

I have arrived.

Now I’m gonna go take a shower and prepare for a long-deserved weekend (and most likely sing Jessie J’s Domino at the top of my lungs incredibly off-key).

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Fashion enthusiast.

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