That’s Not My Problem

Now normally I would wear a crop top with an undershirt or layer it over a fitted dress because I’m not used to showing off so much skin. But I thought of trying it out since, well for starters it was so freakin’ hot, and also because I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear it.

Damn my hair looks good (so modest).
Standing on my tippy toes 👯

I know that it doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do, but standing on my tippy toes in those shoes was hard. The shoes are a little bit big and the ground had a smooth surface, so I kept slipping and almost lost my shoes frequently.

But it made for a good shot though.

Just chillin’.

Sofia, our photographer, and my mother said I looked like a worn out doll that was done with life.

Half of that is true.

Shades are from Cindy. Ring from Raven Eve Gothic Jewelry via Etsy.
Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell.

We had the photoshoot at my old middle school’s bus circle. I know it seems as though we’re obsessed with it but I promise that’s not the case. It just so happens that it’s near our house and is expansive enough that there are multiple backdrops to choose from in one location.

Peek 🙈 a 🙉 boo!
Top from Forever 21. Shorts from Dee’s.
That’s not my problem!

This top is perfect for when you’re done with whiny bitches who need some common sense. Which is basically the case for me everyday in Science #sorrynotsorry

I know this post isn’t very inspiring. I’m just incredibly run down from AP Exam studying and the search for recommendation letters. I’ll try harder next time 👍, but now I must go do some Spanish work (yay…not really).

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