I’m happy it’s Friday that I might actually cry (so sad).

I just need to get through today.

I have an AP Multiple Choice test in English and a quiz in U.S. History AP. If it weren’t for the fact that I have those two classes at the end of the day, I would’ve just skipped and slept (just kidding… kind of… not really…).

Looking off into the distance…at a Smoothie King….wanting a smoothie.

You know those posters for superhero movies? The ones that have the characters being cool and looking off into the distance? Well that’s basically what mine would look like if I had one.

If I could have a superpower I’d probably want the power to fly. That’d be so cool. I’d never be late to school, I wouldn’t be stuck in traffic, and if I saw people that I really hated I could drop water balloons on them, you know, that kind of stuff.

It took me a couple of tries to balance on that thing AND look cool.

 This is actually an impromptu photoshoot.

Technically I had already finished but my mother still had one more outfit. So while Sofia, our photographer, and I waited for my momma to put on her shoes and get herself situated, we decided to squeeze in another shoot for me.

Another case of whiplash.
I always seem to jump so high. What a lie 😂
Ready for the weekend!


I didn’t say the brand of my clothes because the majority of what I was wearing is so old that I can’t remember. And the tags are washed out. But the shoes are from H&M and the necklace is Alexander McQueen (and from my mother’s jewelry stash).

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