Eve from the Block


Eve from da block.

I’ve only gone to school three days this week.

Houston has been raining nonstop.

We got Monday off because the school had an extra day that was saved for bad weather and the administration had to use it.

And then on Tuesday we had no school because many areas were flooded (the irony).

So this week has been incredibly, and wonderfully, short. However, I would have preferred a different reason for having a shortened week (🙏🏼 to those whose homes were swept away).

Standing Tall
Shoes from JustFab. Shades from Poshmark. Necklace is from my grandmother.
Earcuff from Material Girl line via Macy’s. Dress and vest from Forever 21.
Trying not to jump too high so that my skirt won’t go too cray.

Now excuse me as I go finish the homework that was due earlier in the week.


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

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