It Has Begun

Keeping it natural.

My AP U. S. History Exam is tomorrow.

I might throw up.

Or cry.

Or pass out.

Not neccessarily in that order.

Vest from Forever 21. Jumpsuit from Ave 20 20. Bangle was a gift.

However, in terms of knowing the material and what to expect, I’m Gucci.

But regarding time management and anxiousness, well, that’s a whole other struggle to deal with.

Just hanging out…in the grass.

I just need to breathe. Because apparently I tend to forget.

As my history teacher wisely said: You are your worst enemy.

So I shall hold onto hope as if my life depends on it (’cause that’s what it feels like)!

And think about these to cheer me up:

I’m so looking forward for AP weeks to end.

I’m ready to chill.

Let’s do this thing!

I will end the post by quoting my English teacher:

“Make this test your bitch!”

Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “It Has Begun”

  1. You poor baby!! I must admit, there are times when I wonder what’s the point in studying all that much, you know?? But I need to be an adult and a parent, and encourage you to sally forth and conquer the world 🙂 because clearly, you’re already dressed and looking like a warrior woman. I love you.

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