Stripe Sisters

My favorite shot of this shoot.
Whip it!

Project Sister Act is a collaboration amongst bloggers of different ages to prove that style has no age limit.

This month’s theme is Sweet Stripes.

Shoes are Senfini.
Top from Daily Look. Necklace is Kate Spade. Jeans are Abercrombie & Fitch.
Hi there.

This month’s Project Sister Act Edition: 

Me, Teens

That is the look of a tired high school student.

Naomi, 20s ( finite1 )

Look at that wall!

Christianne, 30s ( simplychristianne )

Adore those shades!

Sheela, 40s ( sheelagoh )

This is probably my favorite outfit that my momma put together. #onpoint

Laurie, 50s ( vanityandme )

Obsessed with Laurie’s pants. They’re so cool!

That concludes May’s Project Sister Act.

I know I barely wrote anything and that this post is not very inspiring. My brain’s been fried from all the tests I’ve had to take these past few weeks. But I’ll try to do better next week.

Shout out to the other bloggers that participated! This month’s outfits are by far my favorite in the entire Project Sister Act history.

Can’t wait for next month 🙂

Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

9 thoughts on “Stripe Sisters”

  1. Thank you so much, baby!! You know you’re my style goddess 🙂 and you know how much I wish I had your coolness. Your style bravado. I’m so blessed to have you xoxo

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