The Biscuit Wall Experience

It’s Friday. Time to jump for joy.
My Biscuit Wall experience.

I normally stay away from colors.

I prefer wearing black.

Or black and white.

Or gray.

But I must say that I found this exceedingly colorful photoshoot palatable.

Initially I was going to post this the day after Prince’s death since the background appears to look like colored rain.

But then I realized that there wasn’t a lot of purple in the background. Or that all my pictures just happened to NOT showcase the purple portions.

So, yeah, that didn’t work out.

Lookin’ good as I chill.

You can guess how confused I was when Sofia, our photographer, suggested that we head to a place called the Biscuit Wall.

I had no idea that it’s actually a store called the Biscuit Home that happens to have this incredibly cool wall.

And, not that the name isn’t adorable or anything, but why the hell is it called Biscuit? 🤔


Top from H&M.
Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell. Dress was from a thrift store.

This week has been the last “normal week” of the school year.

The following week will be filled with final reviews and tutorials, and the week after will be end-of-the-year exams.

It feels so strange that it’s almost over. At the beginning of the year it felt as though Summer would never arrive. But now it seems like the whole year passed by before I could even catch my breath.

Next Monday is the last day for Seniors.

I only know a few of them and we’re not particularly close. But a lot of my friends are and some of them seem on the verge of crying.

I wonder how we’ll all be when our last day of high school comes. 😕

Love this shot. Even though I had to lie on the floor.

Anyway, now it’s time to prepare for the Streetcar Named Desire test. The last regular test I have this year.

Thank God.

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