I’m Not Crazy. Ish.

In honor of the release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel I’ve been waiting for for six freakin’ years, I’ve got my Cheshire Cat top on.

In my opinion, the Cat steals the show. But I’m probably biased since I was the Cheshire Cat Head in my middle school musical (yes, just the head since there were three parts to the character).

Top from Hot Topic. Jeans are Seven7.
Shades from Poshmark.
Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell.

Thought I would try something new to display my pictures (and no, it’s not to distract from the fact that I have no idea what to write today).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “I’m Not Crazy. Ish.”

  1. Well, given that I’ve known you for the past 17 years, it’ll be challenging for me to disagree on the point of you being mad. Ish. Because let’s face it, it’s the mad ones who make life interesting and fun and worth living, and for all those reasons and more, I love that you are mad (even if it’s just ish)!!!

    p/s damn girl, that slideshow is da bomb dot com

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