If Only Life Were Simpler


The latest headliners:

Terrorist attacks occurring around the globe and the Kimye v.s. Taylor Swift feud.

The fact that both of these are prioritized in equal amounts of importance speaks volumes on how messed up society is today.

It’s disappointing that people with the resources to make an impact in the world refuse to use them. And it’s aggravating when they use their voices for things that are petty compared to the horrors accumulating across the globe.


It feels as though the attacks are happening everyday.

One after another like dominoes; a ceaseless descent into madness.

Attacked due to one’s skin color, spirituality, sexuality or ethnicity is persecuting someone on the grounds of being who they are.

When did acceptance become such a difficult thing to do?

And when has violence and murder become acceptable?


It’s terrifying thinking about the reality of what the world is truly like. To be disillusioned by all the hate and insanity that continues to run through the veins of people around the world. It almost seems ludicrous to even leave your house now.

And though I wish I could say that to continue leading your life as you normally would is best way to cope, I can’t.

Because though life is already quite unbearable, let alone having terrorist attacks almost everyday, it’s important to be aware of these ongoing events to help you be aware of how precious life can be and to be grateful for still having one.

Dress from Twice Lucky.
Necklace from Kendra Scott. Earrings from Shasa. Shades from Poshmark.
Shoes from Amiclubwear.

Song of the Day: Together


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

One thought on “If Only Life Were Simpler”

  1. It’s immensely refreshing to read such mature, wise thoughts from a 17 year old. Most of your generation would be thoroughly caught up in celebrity debacles, and completely detached from the horrors happening around the world today. I too wish for a little more talk, a lot less aggression. It takes so much time and energy to hate and be angry, it takes so little to love and be peaceful. I wish the world could see that.

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