Ready for Take Off

Ready to Go


In two days I will be heading off to New Haven, Connecticut for a week at Yale University to learn leadership skills and partake in community service acts.

Holy shit. This is happening.

Even though I know it’ll be a lot of fun (based off of a prior experience with a similar program), my trepidation continues to grow as the 24th approaches.

Dress from an indie Korean brand. You can purchase a brown version of the dress at my Poshmark closet @phinayi.
Earrings are Kate Spade. Shades from Urban Outfitters.
Sneakers are Pastry Shoes.

I think another reason why I’m scared is because by the time I return home it’ll be the end of July.

Which gives leaves me exactly 22 days to mentally prepare myself for school.

My very last year of high school.

It’s difficult to imagine life without a structured school system since it has dominated my life thus far. But instead of focusing on a daunting future, I’m attempting to enjoy and live in the now. And to think about the positive events that are upcoming, such as my trip to Yale and taking classes in my Senior year that I’m actually interested it.


Whip it!

I hope that by the end of my trip I’ll be that much better as person and as a leader.

My past experience with the National Student Leadership Conference at the University of California, Berkeley, proved to me that life changing experiences can occur in a small amount of time but nonetheless potent. It also introduced me to students from across the globe, resulting in the development of true, longlasting friendships with people who have changed me for the better.

If the Ambassador Leaders Program at Yale is anything like the one I’ve just described, then I’m more than ready to go.


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7 thoughts on “Ready for Take Off”

  1. I am SO not ready for you to leave 😦 and this is just for a week. How on earth will I survive when you go away for university??? I do know you’ll have fun and learn loads and be your amazing self, which is rather epic already as it is 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. You are so totally amazing, Eve! And beautiful. With fabulous style. And worldly beyond your years. The world is your oyster. Go get it!

    Thanks for linking up On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again this week.


  3. Amazing photos! You’re gorgeous. 🙂 Leaving the structured-for-you world of school is hard, it’s true! But you’re going to make it, and grow so much as a result. Have a great time at your program! Thanks for sharing with us at #FridayFrivolity! Pinning and tweeting.

  4. I actually think it’s good that you have some trepidation about the upcoming events!! How boring if it was nothing special or different!
    Because life is full of crazy and learning opportunities, so kudos to you for taking life by the horns!!
    It’ll be fabulous, if you make it so!

  5. That dress is unique. Is that velvet cuz I loves me some velvet.. but not for summer I don’t think, but I guess in the evening it would be okay! Thanks for sharing and I think you found your calling! You make a lovely model.

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