Pastel Time


This is the first edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing with the print, camo. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The first of the series is to dress in camo with pastels. The rest will show the well-known print with different surprise elements, which shall be posted this week.

Top from Zara.
Shorts from Dee’s.
Shoes from Amiclubwear.
Shades from Poshmark.

Yes, looking good takes a lot of work. Even to the point of sweating. No shame.

Here are my Bloggin’ Sistas in their Camo + Pastel outfits:

Love the way Jodie styled her outfit. Especially the fact that she changed her glasses too.
Nancy looks so chic. I can’t handle it.
Charlotte’s belt gives her sweet look a touch of badassery.
Love how my momma paired her camo with the pastel pink pants and embroidered cardigan. It’s also cool how her pictures look like old photographs that came out of a time capsule. #authentic
The only pastel items I own are my shoes and my choker. And yes, I’m still fixing my hair.

Check back on Wednesday to see what we pair our camo items with next!

Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “Pastel Time”

  1. I didn’t even realize your shoes were a pastel…I saw them as a neutral. Which really makes me think that many pastels could be considered a neutral depending on the brightness…
    You are a cool cucumber, girl—whether fixing your hair or not!
    Love this!

  2. I was thinking how useless style “rules” are, you know. Both you and Charlotte are wearing very similar tops in such dissimilar ways. Pundits would have us believe that she is too old to carry it off, and you, too female. Aren’t rules ridiculous? I love that you often snub your nose at convention, Eve, it suits you well 🙂

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