Mini Vacay

Hey there!

Words cannot describe how happy I am that it’s the Labor Day Weekend. I could almost cry out of pure joy at the prospect of catching up on my sleep.

During the summer I took two naps a day.

Everyday for three months.

I mean, even the teachers are done.

My Biology and Psychology teachers kept thinking and saying that today was Friday. They were determined for the week to end. And my English teacher said on the first day of school that she was already exhausted.

Everybody is in need of a break.

It’s a three day weekend!!!

Oh, and for those of you that read my previous post, guess what?

The new air conditioner arrived!

So now our teeny Government AP shack is nice and cool.

Lip balm from Clarins.
Choker from Poshmark.
Dress from Choies.
Shades are Tory Burch.
Sneaker wedges from ShoeDazzle.

I just need to get through today.

Which means one AP Calculus AB test (which, by the way, counts as 70% of our average), a mini essay assignment due next Tuesday for Gov., finishing up an art project (yes, we’ve already started and are expected to finish), need to get my IBN (Interactive Biology Notebook) ready and deal finish a lab we started yesterday, and pump myself up for a three minute presentation on Jane Eyre.

No biggy.


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