Pocketful of Sunshine

Hey Monday! You came back so quickly…
🎧Take me away. A secret place. A sweet escape.🎧

This weekend ended way too soon.

I barely had a weekend with all the stuff that I’ve had to do.

I took the ACT on Saturday, which took up more than half the day, then came back home and passed out until dinnertime.

And then on Sunday I spent the majority of it doing a lab report for my Biology class and writing an essay for Psychology.

It’s Monday. 🎧 I’m on a highway to hell!🎧

I woke at around 10am yesterday and went straight to work on the lab report. I had to type it up, create eight data tables, answer questions, write two hypotheses, calculate the allele frequencies (yes, that’s science terminolgy), answer some more questions, and then finally, FINALLY, I turned it in online at 8pm.

I didn’t eat at all except at dinner.

Granted I wasn’t hungry but its just to give you an idea of how much work the assignment was.

Dress from JustFab.
Shades from Poshmark.
Bag is Rebecca Minkoff.
Sneakers from Topshop.

After that I completed my essay for my Psychology class, which was not that bad compared to what I had to do for Biology, which I just finished about half an hour (it is now 11:30pm).

I did not get as much work done as I had hoped to this weekend (yes there was more) but hey, that’s why my school gave us an hour for lunch.

It doesn’t take me long to eat anyway.

Hey there!

Now I have to both intellectually and mentally prepare myself for a Calculus quiz.


I can do this.

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Fashion enthusiast.

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