Jumping is a struggle.


Basking in the sunlight 🌞

In honor of my high school’s Western-themed Homecoming Dance, I’m decked out in a faux denim top with killer fringe on the front. 👌👌👌I thought I’d give a little tribute to it since I was at a Sally Beauty Summit over the weekend in Dallas. Now I’m back and ready to study for my Biology test. Yay.

My friend Aramish was nominated to be on the Homecoming Court a couple of weeks ago. Students type a name in this Google Doc.s poll thingy for who they wish to be nominated.

A week later a list of 40 Homecoming Court nominees was posted on another Google Doc.s poll. And after that a Homecoming Court composed of 10 potential Kings & Queens posted on a similar platform.

So complicated, right?


Shades from Poshmark.


Bracelet is a childhood trinket.


Sneakers from Topshop.


Top from The Red Closet Diary.


Pants from Shasa.

And guess who won?

The Khan!!! As in Aramish, not Genghis ’cause he’s dead.

So a HUGE congratulations to my friend Aramish for winning the title “Homecoming Queen of 2016.” No one deserves it more than you girl! You’re beautiful, sweet, and smart. 👌


Dancing Queen is my jam.

In honor of Sheela Writes.


Anyways, hope all of my girls had a great time at the dance (they didn’t)!

Or at least had fun basking in Queen A’s glory!

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