I was drawn to the perfume’s title, Book by Commodity.

The scent of a new book’s pages is honestly, in my opinion, the best thing ever. That and also the smell of hot cocoa.

Shades from an indie boutique.
Perfume from Scent Bird.

The perfume is unisex so it doesn’t have an incredibly floral aroma like most women’s fragrances do.

It has a woodsy smell with a mix of minty cucumber.

Which, I have to say, I’m in love with!

Earrings from H&M.

I went on the Scent Bird website to see any other extra details about the perfume.

It gave the various ingredients, inspiration, most appropriate setting and season, and other cool tidbits.

It’s a woody scent type for those more on the casual side. It’s great for a hang out environment and perfect for the fall season. It was inspired by acclaimed authors Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and is part of Commodity’s  Black Collection which is for the “complex, intense, and moody.” If that doesn’t sound like you then I’d check out its counterpart, the White Collection, which is for the “light, airy, and easy.”

Jacket from Charlotte Russe.
Shoes from JustFab.

The perfume’s main ingredients are cucumber, cypress, vetiver (I had no idea what that was until now), sandalwood, and Tolu balsam (which I had no idea what was either).

Dress from Forever 21.

I’d like to thank Scent Bird for giving me the opportunity to try out their product! I absolutely love the scent and the idea of the whole Black and White Collections in general.

Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Booklover”

  1. I enjoyed reading your review of this product and it sounds wonderful. Love your floral jacket and fun sunnies. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

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