Pout Baby, Pout

Muack 💋
Too good for the haters.

I received this product complimentary of ColourPop Cosmetics.

And I have to say, I’m quite enarmoured with it.

Leggings from Zara.
Shades from Poshmark.

Wild Nothing is part of their Ultra Matte Lip collection.

It’s a nice dusty plum brown that is non-waterproof.

It comes in a cool metallic blue paw print and floral covered packaging as seen in the next two pictures.

Wild Nothing
I’m obsessed with this color.

What’s also really cool is that on their website they give suggestions on what to pair with each product!

For Wild Nothing they suggest a lip pencil called Dukes Pencil, a shimmering eyeshadow named Candyman, and an eyeshadow set called Zingara (which apparently means gypsy style).

They have tons of other stuff but I thought the ones I mentioned had really cool names.

Ear cuff is Material Girl via Macy’s.
Socks from a Halloween store.
Coat from Queen Victoria Market.
When your friends cancel after you’ve already put on your dusty plum brown.

A huge thank you to ColourPop Cosmetics for their product!

Make sure to check out their site for tons of other super dope stuff! I mean, there’s a lipstick called Autocorrect. How cool is that?

Peace out.

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Fashion enthusiast.

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