Beauty for Everyone


Yes, yes, this is incredibly late.

With school and college applications in the way, I had no time to properly describe my experience with Sally Beauty in Dallas a few months ago. (Yes, months.)

But now that it’s Winter Break (thank God) and I’ve been accepted by a few schools (thank God, again), I can finally sit down and blog about it.

My mother, Sheela Writes, and I were invited to Sally Beauty’ Beauty for Everyone Influencer Excutive Summit (quite a mouthful). It was basically a three-day event that allowed influencers to check out some of Sally Beauty’s products and learn how to develop our brand.

Welcoming Gift

The summit took place in Dallas, Texas and my mother actually let me skip school in order to attend since it began on a Friday (such a rebel).

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt and upon arrival we were given a bag of goodies (as seen in the above picture). Our room was sooo cool. The blinds would automatically raise up when we entered the room, displaying a great view of the city. There was also one of those cosmetic mirrors with fancy lights that YouTube makeup tutorialists use.

And it was pretty awesome having a big TV too.

Day 1: Fashion Show

The event was a fashion and hair show hosted by Project Runway and Lead Sally Beauty Hairstylist, Gregory Patterson. For those of you who dodn’t know who that is, it’s the guy you see on TV when Project Runway comes on. Turns out he’s real! (Don’t judge me.)

The show opened with a montage video of Project Runway Season 14 and other various fashion shows around the country. The atmosphere was what I imagine a club to be like, with Calvin Harris and Zedd tracks on full blast.

There were models in chairs lined up.

Gregory would give the audience some tips on how to do each model’s hairstyle, and of course showed which products to use, as each model kept on their black coverups.


Gregory then proceeded to introduce a surprise guest: Ashley Tipton! Winner of Project Runway Season 14 and the first plus size designer to win.

The models, afetr getting their hair presentations done, took off the coverups and revealed Tipton’s new line with JCPenney.

It had a retro vibe with tons of a black and pink dominant color palette.

And it was also really cool that she had models of ALL sizes.

Not just the usual skinny ones, but not just the curvy ones either.

Meeting Ashley Tipton
The unconventional challenge

The dress above was Tipton’s unconventional dress that was asked for by Sally Beauty.

I think it’s made out of boxes. A lot of boxes.

Dress from Forever 21.
Cuff is Loewe. Rings from Poshmark, Shasa, and various indie boutiques. Necklace from Poshmark.
Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell.

Now to give you some perspective, we left our house early in the morning because the airport is about an hour away. After dealing with our bags, going through check-in, and finding food we boarded our plane at around noon. The flight itself was super short, but once we landed we were working nonstop.

The show was originally supposed to be at 4 but began a little over an hour early.

The event (which included meet-and-greets and pre-show chatting) ended at around 5:30.

Basically momma and I were exhausted.

Dinner was at 6 but we, well, took a nap. A looong nap. Like three hours.

So we had room service instead and watched Descendants (yes, we still watch Disney movies).

By the way, the Grand Hyatt’s mac n’ cheese is amazing!

Thanks for letting us shoot, Fuddruckers! And for the coupon 🙂

And that was just Day 1.

I promise to write about the rest soon. It’s just a lot of stuff to write about 🙂

Til next time!

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Fashion enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “Beauty for Everyone”

  1. Wasn’t it a really cool experience?? Although some parents might argue that I shouldn’t have allowed you to miss a day of school but seriously, if skipping just 24 hours sets you that far back, we have a problem 🙂 I’m so glad we were able to do this together, baby, create many memories and learn new things xoxo

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