Beauty for Everyone. Again.


As you can see in the above pictures, punctuality is not my mother’s strong suit.


If you’ve read my last post you’d know that I attended Sally Beauty’s Beauty for Everyone Influencer Executive Summit a while back.

On the second day bloggers were given the opportunity to talk to over 25 different brand partners and got tons of free products.


There were two Sally Beauty hairstylists available to bloggers throughout the day in the Presidential Suite.

The woman in the picture above is my friend Cris Zaragoza (styleanthropy) and I promise she looked a lot better than what you see above ;D

And yes, the woman behind her is the one and only Mama Mai.


Bloggers were welcomed with, of course, free products and an assortment of fruits and muffins.

Their blueberry muffins are amazing by the way.

I usually hate them but damn.

Meeting Jeannie Mai.

At first glance I thought I was hallucinating because, I mean, there’s no way that that could be her! But the more I looked (yes, I know I sound like a stalker) the more I started to realize that it was indeed Jeannie Mai!

And after seeing Mama Mai too my mind just blew up.

I’m not going to lie, I spent the entire morning presentation looking over at her table to see if she really was real.

By the end of it my momma got fed up with me and told me to just ask for a picture. And I did! Well, she did for me because I couldn’t speak.

Jeannie was so nice and is a hardcore hugger. I just smiled and nodded at everything she said while momma took our picture together.

I have never been starstruck before so it was apparently very amusing for my mother to see me that way…


While the trade show was going on there was also an entire section in the hotel that gave pedicures, manicures, haircuts, styling, and false lashes.

I had never tried falsies before so I was definitely apprehensive when the opportunity to try presented itself.

I kept blinking and closing my eyes and was a wreck throughout the process.

Yes, all five minutes of it.

But I liked the end result. Just not enough to do the work on a regular basis.



All of the brands were awesome.

There were so many that it was difficult to look at all of them. And not to mention the crowds and lines.


Dinner was at one Dallas’s top nightclubs where people can ride mechanical bulls.

It was Sally Beauty Hairstylist Gregory Patterson’s birthday and apparently he’s always wanted to try it.


Since I’m still underage and momma is not a huge fan of nightclubs anymore we decided to have room service instead.


On the last day bloggers were given the opportunity to try the Experimental Pop Up Social Lounge and Content Studio during breakfast on the last day. It occupied a small section of the Grand Hyatt’s dining hall.

It had a light pink background with wooden stool in front of it. Bloggers could choose from a list of questions they could answer and were allowed to film as many as they wish. Like “What products can you not live without?” or “What’s the best beauty advice you have ever received?’

There was also an entire wall stacked with products for us to take.

You should have seen the bloggers who ran for it.

Even in those hella high heels of theirs.

It was quite impressive.

Peace out!

I want to thank Sally Beauty and the Brain Trust for inviting me to the summit!

It was a lot of fun and I’m going to love trying out all the products I got.

Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Beauty for Everyone. Again.”

  1. It was such an eye-opening experience 🙂 and yes, you were SO star-struck, it was hilarious. You’re usually so chill, like nothing could ruffle your feathers but there you were. Hyperventilating like the most adorable groupie ever xoxo

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