Twenty Seventeen

Choker from Forever 21. It was a Christmas pressie:)
Shades from Poshmark.


2016 is finally over.

I think we can all agree that this (last) year has been the epitome of a roller coaster ride. No matter where you live or what you believe in, I think we can all agree that this year has been cray cray.

There was some form of battle around the world.

Whether it be a political one, social, or environmental.


Although 2016 has ended, I’m feeling uneasy about this new year.

For as long as I can remember I have dreaded the year 2017.

The year I graduate.

While it’s terrifying, I can revel in this last semester (which no longer counts towards most college applications) and in the fact that no matter what I will have somewhere to go (yes that means I was indeed accepted into a school(s)) 😉 .

Dress is Banana Republic via Poshmark.

In preparation of our (basically) free semester, my friends and I made a list to do before we part our ways in August.

I know, so dramatic.

This is our To-Do List:

  1. Learn how to kickbox or box
  2. Take a tango class
  3. Take a hip hop class
  4. Have a major outing for the sole purpose of tryning new food
  5. take a flower arrangement class
  6. Go biking
  7. Go rollerblading
  8. Go horseback riding
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Go scuba diving
  11. Learn how to fence
  12. Learn archery
  13. Go on a road trip
  14. Go to an amusement park and ride rollercoasters
  15. Have a scary movie night


Not every single one of us wants to do everything on that list and is no way complete. But it is a good indication of what we’re going to be doing in our spare time.

Now mind you we are well aware that some of the activities listed above are not possible of doing in Houston. And there’s also that annoying thing in the way. What’s it called? Oh yeah, money.

But it’s nice to dream though, right?

Bag is Rebecca Minkoff.
Nail polish has a base coat of China Glaze’s Coconut Kiss and a top coat of ORLY’s Lumiere’s Light.
Shoes from JustFab.

 2017 is either going to be the best year ever or the worse.

I prefer the former.

Fingers crossed.


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Seventeen”

  1. I’m going to go with best year yet. Because if I think of the alternative, it’s going to be majorly bleak (even if love trumps hate, there’s still going to be 365 days of cray cray words being issued out of the white house), so yes, it’ll be the best year yet.

    p/s you’re well on your way to achieving #1 GRIN and you already did #3, #7, #12 and #14, yo.

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