Belle 🥀

Sweater is a gift from my stepbrother’s girlfriend, Bennett. It’s so soft!!!

Today is the day Beauty and the Beast (2017) is finally released!

Disney’s animated version was released in 1991 and won numerous awards for its incredible music and storytelling. Honestly, I’m surprised a live action version of the Disney film has taken so long.

But then again, I’m probably biased since it’s my favorite film of all time.

Lipstick is NINZA by LAQA & Co.
Shades from Urban Outfitters.

When I first heard of the possibility of a live action Disney Beauty and the Beast film in 2015, I was so excited I think I started hyperventilating (yes, it’s quite pathetic). My excitement was further enhanced when I discovered that Emma Watson would be playing the main protagonist, Belle.

Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess. An independent and fiery bookworm whose beauty goes beyond her facade was in my eyes nothing short of inspirational.

Emma Watson appears to be a down-to-earth young woman whom I first took notice of in the Harry Potter series as the strong and intelligent witch, Hermione Granger. But it was her work with Books on the Underground, the Book Fairies, as well as the HeForShe campaign from UN Women that garnered my respect for her.

She, in my opinion, is the perfect Belle.



Every trailer and clip that I watched leading up to the movie’s release always gave me chills.

From the light piano playing in the background to the dance between Belle and her Beast to the stark red rose petals falling slowly to the ground.

All of that on top of the incredible CGI that went into creating the Beast and his staff is awesome! And what is also equally cool is Lefou’s homosexuality. I mean, it’s the 21st century people! There aren’t just straight people! There are lesbians, gays, transgender, aseaxuals, so why shouldn’t they be represented in our media and entertainment? In the words of director Bill Condon on the controversy around it, “I’m so sick of this!”

My momma’s got my back!
Bracelet is part of the Disney Couture line. It was a Christmas gift from my mother.
Shoes from JustFab.
Low-key excited.

My family and a couple of my friends were lucky enough to nab some tickets the day after its premiere.

I’m so excited I’ll probably start crying before the film even begins.

It’s not just about the cool animation or the crazy musical numbers.

It’s getting the same feeling I got when I first watched the animated version when I was a little girl. A sense of complete wonder and content from watching a beautiful and meaningful film.

I’m sure the 2017 version will be as wonderful as the original.

Either way I’ll be humming the title song all the way home afterwards.

Beauty and the Beast

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