Benji and Me

This is Benji.
“He’s so fluffy!”

This is Benji.

He’s my best friend’s sister’s dog.

I think.

Benji was hers, then their grandfather’s, then their dad so I don’t know anymore.

Benji is also one of the few animals I’m not completely petrified of (yes, I have a fear of animals).


Benji is literally a walking ball of fluff.

He is so soft and loves to give high fives. But I have to say, Benji did not give me many during the shoot which deeply offended me.

“Come back!”
Benji loves giving me high fives.
He’s sticking his tongue out at me!
“Benji, don’t you dare walk away while I’m talking!”

A few of my friends created an Instagram account for Benji called @belovedbenji with the goal of becoming as famous as Doug the Pug.

This was all studiously talked about during art class and lunch.

So when they suggested I do a shot with him, I thought, why not? It was slightly insulting when they were more excited about him then me. I remember saying, “What the hell? I’m the model, he’s the prop.” They just laughed before returning to Benji.


He is adorable though.

A very happy pup who melts my heart.

I’m still not getting a pet though. I gotta learn how to take care of myself first (ahem, I’m talking to you Joy, you and your possible three dogs).

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Fashion enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Benji and Me”

  1. Aww, Benji is so cute. He reminds me a little of my Mina. Your top is fabulous! Is it a traditional off the shoulder styled asymmetrically? Thanks for linking up, Eve.

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