A Twelve Year Reunion

Lips are Marrakesh by 100 Percent Pure.
Eyeliner is Royal by 100 Percent Pure.

For those of you who don’t know I was born in Singapore.

A tiny island that’s so small you’ve probably missed it on a map more than once.

It is incredibly hot and filled to the brim with malls. Since they can’t expand horizontally they do so vertically instead.

It’s also a great place for tourists.

It had been twelve years since I was last there, so to say I was excited and nervous to go back for a week over the summer is an understatement.

Tank from an indie store.
Jacket is Urban Outfitters via Poshmark.

We arrived at two in the morning, which was so great, and off the bat did stuff.

Like getting my first tattoo.


If you haven’t seen it on my Instagram account, then, well first of all, what are you doing? And then go look. It didn’t hurt at all; it was a cool experience. So much so that I decided to go get another one. On the side of my rib cage. That one definitely hurt.

Like a bitch.

I’m pretty sure I screamed so loudly and frequently that I scared off other clients that were waiting. There were a lot less people in the waiting area when I came then when I first arrived.


I also reunited with my paternal side of the family for the first time in years.

My grandpa, as savage and blunt as ever, and my sweet grandma, but whose sassy too.

My hilarious and equally savage godmother/aunt and her husband (my uncle-in-law) in his awesome Darth Vader t-shirt.

Some of my cousins: Mark the responsible third grade teacher, Marcus the cool guy with tattooes all over his body who should’ve been an artist (it’s complicated), and Marian a.k.a. Squirt (for her height) my girl.

And, of course, my father. An incredibly tanned auditor whom I love very much. Who apparently remarried some time ago. Yup, I’ve got a stepmom. She just kinda popped up on me. But it’s ok. He seems happy. And she seems to enjoy giving me gifts, so who am I to refuse her?

Choker is Gianna from Ettika.

*This portion of the post has nothing to do with the main topic, but I’ve gotta give a shout -out to Ettika and Planet Blue for this awesome choker collab.*


My mother and I also had our own little adventures.

Like the zoo.

Yes, the zoo.

It’s awesome.

Don’t judge.

We had breakfast with the orangutans (the baby was soooo cute) and saw tons of animals. Like flamingos, naked mole rats, a polar bear (yes, in a hot continent but he’s ok), etc.

But the most important one was, of course, elephants. If you think otherwise you need to get yourself together cause elephants are the bomb dot com. I’m pretty we, meaning me, spent a good ten minutes just sitting and staring at them. And taking videos. and squealing like a little kid.

They’re so cute and sweet.

Ok, I’m done.

For now.

Not to mention our day at Universal Studios. Neither of us had ever been to one to it was pretty exciting. There were different sections like Sci-Fy, Jurassic Park, Hollywood, etc. But my personal favorite was Far Far Away. It reignited my love for the Shrek franchise.

My favorite rides were the Transformers 4D experience and The Mummy. They were both epically epic. We did The Mummy twice (even though it initially scared the shit out of me) and wanted to do the Transformers one again too (if it hadn’t had technical difficulties and had to stop).

Shorts from Forever 21.
Booties from JustFab.

I think it’s safe to say that the trip overall was wonderful.

From the family reunions to the touristy adventures.

And hopefully I’ll get to go back sooner.

Preferably not in twelve years.

Or eleven.

Or ten.

Ok, maybe just not in double digits.

Or above five.

Until next time.


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

9 thoughts on “A Twelve Year Reunion”

  1. Eve, you are so beautiful! I love that you and your mom shared this tattooing experience. And I love the choices you made in what you have tattooed. Reminders of how we survive the demons inside out heads are so important…and you, my dear, are a survivor. Stronger than even you know…Your bond with your mother is so strong and will get you through so much! But more importantly, you will rise above all adversity (internal and external) simply by virtue of being you!

    By the way, if you ever get the chance to ride an elephant (if you have not already), I highly recommend it! While it is a bit frightening for a person who is terrified of heights, it really puts into perspective the beauty and power in the size of these amazing creatures.

    Keep shining bright, beautiful girl!


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