Labor Day Weekend

Dress from H&M.

I did not need to miss my parents during my first week of university as Labor Day Weekend was right after it.

A couple of hours after class I took packed all my things and headed to the airport in an Uber. It was kind of stressful considering the multiple entrances this campus has. I, however, treated myself to McDonald’s and some Auntie Anne pretzel bites at the airport for getting myself to the airport in one piece.

We spent the majority of the weekend on our super comfy couch, all snuggled up in a fuzzy blue blanket, catching up with the tv series Suits and So You Think You Can Dance (Go Lex!). With the occasional kolache and Whataburger.



I also wanted to give a shout out to my father who bought me this dress.

Super pretty!

And great for twirling.


The plane ride back from Houston was awesome.

It was my first time ever in first class and even though it was barely an hour long, it was very enjoyable.

It’s not just that the seats are wider, or that there’s more leg room, or that there’s more arm space, or that there’s even a coat hanger. The stewardess came to us a few minutes after takeoff, paper and pen in hand, to order our drinks. I think it was the first time ever that I’ve been served Sprite in a glass on an airplane. And we even got snacks! Normally on these short flights they don’t serve you, but I guess first class gets them anyway. I had the most delicious, aside from my mother’s of course, thin chocolate chip cookies ever.

Basically I could get used to first class.

Choker from Forever 21. Ring from Charlotte Russe. Shades from Poshmark.
Sneakers from Topshop.


The cab ride back, however, was not as pleasant.

Despite telling the cab driver twice to go to the University of Dallas NOT the University of Texas in Dallas, he took me there anyway. Which OF COURSE was in the opposite direction from my own school. It normally takes about 14 minutes to get to UD from the airport and vice versa. However, it took about 20 minutes to get to UT from the airport and another 20 minutes to go to the correct university. Which I may have been okay with if it weren’t for the fact that I was congested, had a headache, and was starving.

Not a great combo.

I ended the night with watching a Kevin Hart film while eating mini burgers my mother packed for me beforehand. And watching Horton Hears A Who!

So what?

I think I deserved it.


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2 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Eve, I haven’t stopped by in a while, but I wanted to check in since you are now at university! You look as if college life is treating you well! And what a fabulous way to spend your Labor Day weekend…with momma on the couch! You are looking fabulous as always! And I wish you much luck in your first semester. You are going to rock it in the most marvelous way!


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