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Feeling Spiffy


This is the last edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing with capris. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The last of the series is to wear capris in a “fancy” or formal style.

SEMM7502 (1)

Swimsuit from Forever 21.


Capris from Forever 21 via Poshmark.




Bracelets were a gift from my stepmother.


Lips are Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics.


Shoes from ShoeDazzle.

This was probably one of my favorite looks that I put together.

I hope you guys like it too. 🙂



 Check out our looks:



thumbnail (2)

She looks SOOO good. #NOTBIASED

! 055 (855x1280)

Jodie’s outfit is the bomb! From the cool capris to the bell-sleeved top.

to sheila (855x1280)

*insert major heart eyes*

8-4-17 131 (749x1280)

Looking cute as always 🙂

 Thanks to everyone who did awesomely in this collaboration.

It was a lot of fun, like usual. 🙂

SEMM7530 (1)

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