Charity Week

Waiting for my turn like…

This past week has been Charity Week at the University of Dallas.

There have been ton of events and activities held throughout the week wherein the money has been raised for a children’s foundation in Houston, Texas. Whoot, whoot!

There was a dancethon, a 5K marathon, a male auction, and tons of mini booths that vary every other day.

Welcome to Birds Barbershop.

On Monday night there was a Lip Sync Battle inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s famous skit.

There was a rock and roll band, an Elsa impersonator, a Single Ladies performance (by a guy), Lizzie McGuire’s What Dreams Are Made Of, and a node to Hannah Montana.

It was most definitely an interesting way of ending a Monday.


There is also this thing called “Jail.”

It’s literally a wooden jail made by UD people that was painted to look like there was a Kraken within.

Basically for every dollar donated, a person can be “jailed” for a certain amount of hours. It can be students and/or professors. Professors are also given the opportunity to go to the Faculty Jail, which is basically a few feet away with drinks and snacks.

Counting down the seconds.

The first person I helped put in jail was my Literary Traditions I professor. He didn’t even bring his stuff because he knew it was coming.

Classes can be cancelled by throwing professors in jail if every student in class donated a dollar. It’s literally a “We’re all in this together” moment. Students are also supposed to escort their professor to the jail.

When my class got there, there was a history class that was explaining why there professor was being put into jail: early morning class, homework, papers, etc. The professors were clearly amused as they booed the student talking.

Choker from Forever 21.
Hey there.
Lips courtesy of Laqa and Co. called NINZA.

I also helped put my Philosophy and the Ethical Life professor, whose a nun.

And no, I had no remorse for putting a nun in jail.

Only seven people from my class showed up to find a letter and no professor.

She apparently decided to hide from us but left us hints as to where she was. We found her eventually in the Art Village but dang, I sweat a lot that morning.


My Euclidean/Non-euclidean Geometry professor had a similar idea.

He showed up but handed out a worksheet we had to figure out. It was a set of statement with corresponding numbers that we had to figure out. Once we determined a number, we had to text our professor the number in exchange for his location.

Apparently we were too fast.

He wanted to grade our midterm exams but never got around to it.

Boom! *insert mic drop*

There’s always time to chill.


Caps is Urban Outfitters via Poshmark.
Shoes is Surface to Air via Poshmark.

The last professor I put in jail was my Italian I professor.

I almost felt bad for him because he’s always in a suit and the jail is outside in the Texas heat. Almost.

Apparently there was also another Italian professor who in revenge for being jailed, she in turn jailed all her students. Damn.

Cistercian monks at my school also try to escape the jail every year by running away or breaking out. They’re very dedicated.

There was also someone who payed a two hundred dollars to jail two hundred random people who pass by the jail. Both genius and frightening.


Anyways, I hope next year’s Charity Week is just as fun as this years.

I can’t wait to jail people again!

Jumpsuit form Forever 21.

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