The Final Battle

Are you ready for it?


It is officially Finals Week at the University of Dallas.

And it is absolute Hell.

First of all I’ve been sick since last Wednesday! I’m still not completely well, but I’m much better considering I’m no longer coughing so hard I almost throw up.

Yeah, not so great.

And of course it had to happen right before my final exams.

It was so bad I that I wasn’t able to have a decent night of sleep for days. I also managed to finish a whole bottle of Robitussin in less than a week. I had another one but by then I was feeling so much better. Plus two of friends started getting sick and finished it all in three days. #TRUEFRIENDSHIP #SICKFRIENDSSTICKTOGETHER

Shades from an indie boutique.
Dress from Esprit.

Today I had my Psychology exam and then my Italian exam.

On Saturday I have my two hardest subjects: Literary Traditions I (basically English I) and Philosophy (specifically about the ethical life). My Lit. Trad. exam basically covers The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, as well as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It’s supposed to encompass tons of stuff, but the scariest portion of it are the quotes. They literally all sound the same to me even though I read them all! And then there’s Philosophy. It’s my worst subject. It covers two of the philosophers I’ve learned: Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. The majority of the exam is an oral one. There are 45 questions to memorize on the off chance that my professor asks 5 to 10 of them. The rest of the exam is an essay that I literally wrote a day before it was due.

Sunday is my only day off.

Next Monday I have Euclidean/Non-euclidean Geometry. Yay.

But after that I get to go home for a whole month! I can’t wait to be home with my Momma Bear. And then there’s Christmas!!!



Side note: A huge thank you to Ettika for the gorgeous necklace (pictured below).

It’s absolutely stunning!

Eclipse Goddess Gold Choker from Ettika.
Shoes from JustFab.

My first semester in college has flown by so quickly!

It honestly feels like it was yesterday I was moving into my dorm.

While there are some classes I’ll miss because of the pretty cool people I’ve met, I’m also excited for my second semester classes.

So good luck to every student out there who’s suffering too!

Hopefully we’ll make it out alive.


I Am Powerful lipstick by RealHer.

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Fashion enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “The Final Battle”

  1. The best of luck with the finals Eve. So cool that you are already in college! I am sure you will do great.

    On a style note you look incredible and so posh. Love the accessories you chose here, so much. Hope your mom is doing great too!

    Welcome by Thursdays to link your fabulous style with me. I also think you’d like my last two style posts dressed up velvet. Happy Hump Day!!

    Ada =))

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