Christmas Traditions

I was so scared I was going to hit my head.


We have exactly one week until Christmas day!

This Christmas will mark my first one as a university student.

This year was the first time I hadn’t gone with my parent to pick out a tree, we are pretty late in decorating our home for Christmas, and, of course, I spent most of the weeks leading up to the holiday with my friends instead of my family.

Some things, however, stay the same.

I watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas on replay, drink tons of hot chocolate, decorate the tree and give it a name.

Top from Poshmark.


Jacket from Forever 21. Shorts from H&M.

My friends and I have managed to start some new Christmas traditions of our own at the University of Dallas.

We have mini parties making and decorating cookies and then dunking them in a nice, hot mug of hot chocolate. We also go all out in terms of decorating our dorm rooms and doors. My roommate, Sarah, hung tons of snowflakes in our room and put at least five mini trees around the dorm room. She also put small Christmas inspired plates filled with candy for anyone to take who visits us in our dorm.

Sarah and our friend, Joanna, had a little competition for who has the best Christmas decorated door. Funny enough they ended up having the same concept for what they wanted the doors to look like: a fireplace with stockings we decorated ourselves as well.

We can go from having a fun, ugly Christmas sweater party dancing along to catchy Christmas songs to watching Christmas movies in our room eating pizza. I probably watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas seven times in the past two weeks. I also watched Fred Claus and The Polar Express intermittently.

Shoes from ShoeDazzle.



As a kid who has had to move multiple times, any traditions that I have in my life is incredibly important. But with that, as well as just being a human being, also comes a capacity to accept change.

Change isn’t always bad. And while I’ll miss how the weeks leading up to Christmas used to be, I also fully embrace any and all new things that come my way.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions”

  1. You are such a cool young woman, my love. Yes, we moved a lot when you were younger, and whilst I am glad you had the opportunity to experience many different cultures and communities, I always felt so guilty for not settling down somewhere permanent until I found the right place/fit for us. But I see you now, and I read these words you’ve written, and I feel very blessed that you’ve grown into this amazing person with immense maturity, insight and kindness xo

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