Christmas Shopping


One of the things that mark the beginning of adulthood is, in my opinion, the ability to find and purchase Christmas presents for your loved ones. So it’s not just figuring out what they want and where to buy them, but it’s also about the money coming out of your own pocket.

Initially you don’t really feel it. You just spend and spend and spend and get caught up in the fun of it. Everywhere you turn you see something that is perfect for somebody you know. Did they want it? Probably not. Do they need it? Nope.

And then you feel how light your wallet is while waiting in line and you think, “Oh s**t!”

Beret from Poshmark.
Sweater from Forever 21. Thanks Momma Bear!

This year I got some pretty cool gifts if I may say so myself.

And I have.

The person who has always been a struggle getting gifts for is my stepbrother, Gabriel. Usually he says “I don’t know” or nothing at all so we’re left guessing. Hopefully I’ll figure something out. Preferably before Christmas Eve.

SEMM8459 (1)

I’m incredibly excited about reuniting with the majority of my high school squad this Christmas too. Every Christmas we have a Secret Santa party and everyone of us receives a gift from another in our group.

We also have this major group chat on FaceBook messenger where we tell our Secret Santa what we like, what we don’t like, what we’d like to have, and other stuff like that. Usually it helps but by now we know each other well enough to know what we might like.

I’m probably more excited about seeing everybody again than the actual receiving of gifts. Not that I’d turn it away either though.

Boots are my Momma’s.
Lips are ROSE DORÉE LIP OIL by One Over One.

Regardless of what you manage to get for others and from them to you, all gifts are pretty awesome given that someone took the time to find something.

Christmas is coming soon!

I’m incredibly excited and I’m sure you are too.

Jeans from an indie boutique in Singapore.


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