Self Reflection Part 3


A while back my mother emailed me nine questions titled “Self Reflection”

She read a post written by Chriselle Lim on The Chriselle Factor which inspired my momma to answer those questions herself.

She then forwarded the questions to me.

Dress from an indie boutique in Malaysia.

As the title implies, the questions are pretty deep.

Like soul-reaching deep.

So I thought that it’d be better to split them into three in order to not send your brain into overload with my answers. Plus considering that these questions spark equally deep answers, one post encompassing such lengthy paragraphs might be a bit much.

Lips by RealHer.
Sneakers from my momma.

Who has helped me, been influential, or impacted my life this year (2017)?

My mother has, and will always be, my biggest influence and inspiration.

Words will never be able to describe how incredible she is.

As a woman, a mother, and a wife.

Regardless of all her health issues and constant struggle with self-confidence, she continues to push herself to become the best version of herself she can be. Her constant strive to be strong and loving will always be inspirational. Thus it makes me want to become the best version of myself too. In terms of health, mental state, and living life in general. Love you Mummy.


What am I really proud of?

Aside from graduating high school and beginning college, I’m most proud of asking for help when I was almost at a point wherein I no longer saw living as anything but difficult and excruciating.

While I was depressed, I constantly wondered whether or not there was indeed something actually wrong with me or if it was insignificant.

When I began having panic attacks everyday before school and would thus not attend, my mother and stepfather brought me to someone who, to this day, I talk to about anything that bothers me.

Although technically they could have made me go, after my first session I began starting to accept that I needed help and the only true way to get better was to accept the help being presented to me.


Is everything I have done this year (2017) in alignment with my big dream or goal?

My hope is to one day earn a Ph. D. in psychology in order to help other people who suffer and need the type of help I need too.

I am now at a university that allows me to take classes which teach me things that will better me as a psychology student and, in the long run, a psychologist.

I will most definitely do my best to achieve my goal/dream.

I feel as though it is what I was fated to do.

I know it is what I’m meant to do.



Here are the questions for you to answer as well:

1. What were my best achievements this year?

2. How did these achievements make me feel?

3. What were my 3 biggest challenges or obstacles I faced this year? How did I overcome them? Who did I become as a result?

4. How have I developed or changed as a person?

5. What have I done differently this year? What new people have I met or new experiences have I had?

6. How much fun have I had this year? Was I fulfilled?

7. Who has helped me, been influential, or impacted my life this year?

8. What am I really proud of?

9. Is everything I have done this year in alignment with my big dream or goal?


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5 thoughts on “Self Reflection Part 3”

  1. Yes, Eve, yes! People who have gone through the struggle of mental health issues and have fought the hard fight to come out on the other side are destined to help others on the journey! We have a road map of sorts that we get to share with others who need the guidance. I traveled that road with no road map and it was dark and scary, but I made through that dark forest and I now have said road map and I am called to share it! Just as you are. You are already a success and there is so much more ahead of you, beautiful, wise girl!


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