For David


NOTE: This post was originally scheduled for February 14th, 2018. I was, however, bombarded with work and apparently decided to get sick.

Ring from Ettika.
Twitches vibes anyone?

Valentine’s Day became a somber event for the paternal side of my family and myself a few years ago.

My cousin, David, took his life when he was just eighteen years old.

I hadn’t seen him since I was six and I will never get the opportunity to see him again.

Although I wasn’t able to get to know who he had become since I last saw him, I’m able to discover what he loved and was passionate about through my uncle’s blog dedicated to him.

Dress from Forever 21.
Leggings from Zara.


It turns out that David and I actually had a few things in common.

We both shared a love for literature (poetry for him specifically) and the arts in general, as well as aspired to one day live and study in New York (clearly I put that goal on hold). Those are just to name a few.

Knowing that he and I shared something, no matter how trivial it may seem, it’s given me a way of connecting with David despite him being gone.


Most people tend to associate Valentine’s Day with purely romantic love. I’ve learned, however, that love comes in so many forms. One of them being familial.

Thus I will always cherish this day as both a celebration of love and of the life my cousin had led as well as everything that was dear to him.

Jacket from H&M.


Necklace from Momma inspired by Beauty & the Beast (2017).
Lips are Savoir Faire from the Beauty and the Beast lip gloss collection.
Shoes from JustFab.

I would also like to mention that 2018 has had 30 mass shootings thus far already.

Please, please try to give love to all rather than actively creating and seeking violence.

Please pray for Florida and make sure to let all your loved ones know that they are indeed unconditionally loved.


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2 thoughts on “For David”

  1. A complex soul, David was. A complex soul with a brilliant mind and a heavy heart. I wish I had been able to relate to that part of him when he was alive, the part that celebrate the arts, life through prose, and creative writing. Love indeed manifests itself in all shapes and forms, bunny boo, and you are very much loved too, never forget that.

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