My First (and Hopefully Not Last) NYFW


This past February I attended my very first New York Fashion Week.

Well, technically for me, it was New York Fashion Weekend since I didn’t want to miss too much school.


Vest from Kissue. Jumpsuit from Forever 21.


I left on Friday and right after I landed, momma, Sofie (our photographer), and I went straight to the Kérastase Institute Hair Lab.

I’m going to write an actual post detailing my experience, but for now let’s just say that it was EPIC. I mean they literally took a picture of a few of my hair strands and apparently my hair is needs some love.

After the appointment ended, we went to Morimoto’s and the pork gyoza slayed me. I ordered them twice and there are roughly 5 per serving.

They were delicious.


We attended a few shows that were held at the Angel Orensanz Center.

The location itself is probably one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. There are paintings everywhere and all over the place, huge modern chandeliers, multicolored walls and stairs, and cool sculptures that surround the building. It’s basically a church on the outside and a gothic – but spunky – club on the inside.

The organization, however, was horrendous. I know most of the time people put up with it because the location is so badass, but damn it was chaotic.

The show was pushed back by almost an hour because the one preceding it ran late. So we all had to wait outside. In cold New York weather.

There also wasn’t enough space for chairs for all of the VIP attendees. So the organizers were literally running around looking for chairs and placing them at the end of each row. My mother and I were really lucky to get seats. We were originally supposed to sit in the second row, but by then getting a seat was a miracle.

There was just tons of talking and arguing about getting seats.




The first show we saw was Candice Cuoco’s Belladonna. This collection is perfect for the girl in love with grunge. Her girl is the one you’d see in a black, studded gothic outfit, sticking out in a sea of pink Barbies. While I loved the majority of her collection, some were a bit costumey for my taste. Her collection, however, was probably my favorite from that night.

She was then followed by Danny Nguyen’s Pret-A-Porter. The first five models walked down the runway so fast I wonder if anyone was able to really see anything. Maybe it was because the show was so late? Either way there were a few looks that I really liked. Particularly the long, sparkly dresses. My favorite one, however, was the sparkly matching top and shorts. This collection, although probably my least favorite one from that night, was my favorite in terms of the styling. Each model rocked cornrows, cool printed bags and backpacks, studded shades, and some carried a second pair of shoes hanging from their bag.

The last show of that night was Willfredo Gerado‘s. There were many looks that I liked, such as the black sequin jumpsuit, the long see-through gold dress, and the strapless blush gown. Although some looks seemed quite uninspired to me, overall it was a solid collection. Also, the designer has a really cool name.

Beauty & the Beast necklace from momma.
My #JETLAG face.
Shoes from JustFab.

The next day momma and I originally planned to attend four shows.

The first thing we did before that, however, was visit the one and only Mood. We were so sad that Swatch wasn’t there that day, but we got tons of tees and got to gaze upon an ocean of fabrics.

I then had my hair done at Glam & Go for our next show. It was so pretty. I had nice bouncy curls that made me feel super fancy.

After that we took an Uber to our next location. Except he drove us to the wrong place.

How? I have no idea.

And guess what? It was raining.

And no. I didn’t have a hoodie.

So momma and I literally went around in circles, IN THE RAIN, trying to find the place. We literally asked four different people for help and the first three had us going in different directions. Eventually we got to the event, but almost completely drenched.

But it’s alright. We rocked the drowned rat look.

The event, which was at Studio 450, showcased tons of designers. We were invited to see two shows but ended up only seeing one because we exhausted and wet.

The show we saw was Colour by Nandi Madida. It was an awesome collection. It’s tribal vibe, play with colors, and cool hairstyles made it probably my favorite one overall. Some models even wore Raggedy Ann wigs and many had yellow winged eyeliner.

Momma and I basically decided to go to only one show and chill out together while eating good food.


On the last day of my trip, momma and I went to an amazing and authentic Malaysian restaurant. It was literal Nirvana. We ordered so much food we could barely move. We had prata / roti canai, hot milo, ais kacang, and so much more.

I could’ve died right there and been at peace.

After buying some cheese in Little Italy for Gigi (because Italians are always picky about their cheese), momma and I did one last thing: shop at Forever 21 in Times Square. It was literally all we did until I had to catch my flight back to Dallas.

Being in New York City has always been amazing for me. The first two visits, however, didn’t have my momma. We had an amazing and fun time together in the Big Apple.

I can’t wait for next year’s NYFW.



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2 thoughts on “My First (and Hopefully Not Last) NYFW”

  1. I had the funnest of times with you, boo, and hopefully we’ll get to this again next February 🙂 hey, you’re in Italy come September so perhaps Milan Fashion Week, eh?? xoxoxo

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