My First Rodeo


A couple of weekends ago my college friends and I visited Houston to attend the Houston Rodeo. In all my eight years living in Houston, that was the first time I ever went.

Lydi – one of my friends – has the nicest parents ever.

Her father drove all the way from Pearland to Dallas just to pick us up and then drove us back to Houston. Her mother also made us a ton of food, something I always appreciate.

At the halfway point we stopped by at Buc-ee’s.

All of friends who aren’t from Texas were so shook by the enormity of the place. Joanna, another friend of mine, said if the world ever underwent a zombie apocalypse then   Buc-ee’s would be the place humans would run to.


The first night we went out for dinner at Koto.

One of my most favorite restaurants ever.

When Lydi proposed going there, completely unaware of my love for Koto, I flipped out. Once we entered the restaurant, I literally told everyone where I sat (which was most of the tables).

Afterwards we had dessert at Red Circle, another place I love going to. My high school squad and I go to Red Circle (and other places similar to it) all the time, so to have gone with my college squad was really cool.

It’s also in Chinatown.

For those of you who don’t know my high school squad is primarily Asian while my college squad is primarily Caucasian. When we were about to enter Red Circle,           Sean – white boy #1 – said that we needed an Asian to go in first.

Yes, it ended up being me.


After having breakfast at Another Broken Egg the next day, everyone headed to the NRG Stadium for the Houston Rodeo.

The first thing I noticed was that the majority of the events were indoors. I quietly thanked God because heat and I are not buddies. The second thing I noticed was that the place was HUGE. From the NRG Center where the shops are, to the NRG Stadium where the concerts are held, to the ginormous amusement park next to them.

The first thing we did was go to the Petting Zoo. Despite my jacket being slightly chewed on by a goat, ultimately saved by Tim (white boy #2), the animals were overall adorable. And don’t worry, my jacket is fine.

We also saw a cow being milked. Sean has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with milk so we had to stay and watch.

We went to tons of shops in the NRG Center. We went to the largest moving candy store, saw tons of cows walking around, would jokingly go into livestock trailers, and ate TONS of food (like cotton candy, curly fries, fried oreos, etc.).

Afterwards we went on a few rides. One of them almost made me threw up.

I didn’t though.

We then ended the night with a movie at Lydi’s, playing Zombies, and accidentally pushing Martha into the pool (sorry!).

The next day we went to Killen’s, which was amazing, before driving back to UD.

This is my train. Say hello.
Shoes from JustFab.

During Spring Break my high school squad and I went to the Rodeo.

I know.

I’ve never gone for eight years and now I’ve gone twice in one month.

With my high school squad, however, we mostly focus on food and taking Instagrammable pictures.

Undershirt is momma’s old tee 🙂
Dress was bought from the Rodeo. The store is called Monique’s.

I had cotton candy, Diane had tamales, while Joy and RJ shared a hugeass baked potato.

Joy always goes to extreme lengths to make sure she gets the perfect angle. People around us were probably confused by these four Asians running around in circles trying to take the perfect picture.

With cool friends come lovely quirks.


Cuff from Free People.

My first, and second, experience at the Houston Rodeo was awesome.

But while the event itself is really cool, it was the company that made the entire trip really wonderful.

Until next year!

My face when I have to go back to school.

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