Spring Beginnings


Spring has finally arrived!

For the first time in my eight years living in Texas, winter actually felt like winter. I mean it was consistently cold too!

Even though I am ready to wear lighter clothing, I am not excited by the army of pollen headed my way.

I’ve been so congested that my hearing was muffled for a few days.

Necklace was a birthday pressie 🙂

Over the weekend my parents and I attended a family friend’s wedding.

Well, technically the family friend’s daughter. But, same thing.

Initially we didn’t think I was invited so I didn’t go. But when it came time for dinner, my mother saw that the seat next to her had my nameplate on it. So naturally I got dressed in five minutes and went off in an Uber.

I managed to get to the venue during the first course. It was salad though so I didn’t really care.


The night was loooong, but a lot of fun.

Watching my mother and my stepfather dance was kind of like watching Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory. It was cute and funny tough.

The wedding had Mardi Gras dancers with masks the light up for the guests, tons of food and drinks, a HUGE cake, s’mores on the balcony, an elaborate performance customary for Muslim weddings, and a crap ton of candles.

It was a beautiful fire hazard.

Lips is One Over One’s Scarlet Bloom Lip Oil.
Coat from Forever 21.
Dress from Poshmark.
Boots from an indie boutique.

Afterwards I headed back to my college squad and the bonfire party.

We sang (badly) and danced the night (and morning) away.

A huge congratulations to the happy couple and a huge “thank you” for the invitation!


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Spring Beginnings”

  1. I thought you were the coolest, most mature teen EVER!! Rushing down and getting to the venue in under 30 minutes was very impressive boo 🙂 and I had so much fun with you!! Dancing away like mad, eating super fancy food within such a super fancy environment!!! I LOVES YOU!!

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