It’s Official. I’ve Survived.

Shades from Urban Outfitters.
What’s good?

I have officially survived my first year of university.

And I don’t just mean in terms of grades, but emotionally too. I never knew college could be just as dramatic as high school. But it’s also a lot more fun (no, not that kind of fun).

I mean campfires, dance parties, Whataburger runs, and late night cram sessions.


College is in some ways exactly what I expected:

There are people who party and drink way too much.

All-nighters are a lot more common then I thought.

The appeal in sleeping in and skipping class is a real danger.

Asking for extensions is a thing.

Cafeteria food sucks.

Microwaveable ramen and mac ‘n’ cheese are lifesavers. And pizza.

And microwaves in general.

Jacket from Forever 21.
Cuff from Malaysia.
Booties are Betsey Johnson.

But in some ways college isn’t what I expected:

College kids are waaayyy nicer than high schoolers (as long as they’re not crazy drunks).

The assumption that for every professor there are a bajillion students is bull.

Lecture halls are not necessarily the default classroom.

Sometimes ordering food really is the better option.

Psychotic roommates are not always a thing (love you Sarah!).


This year has most definitely had its challenges.

I mean, change is always difficult to adapt to.

Like being away from my mother (who is the light of my life), no longer seeing my high school squad everyday, being able to eat jasmine rice (yes, this is a legitimate issue), and having a shower bigger than a bathroom stall.


But there’s also the ability to personalize one’s schedule, have free hot chocolate whenever I want, going out in my pajamas, and taking classes that I’m actually interested in (psychology).

While I’m most definitely going to miss my university squad, I’m glad to have three months free from schoolwork.

I’m gonna need it for next year.


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