20 More Facts About Me

Dress from Goodwill.

1.eWhenever I wake up, my left eye is closed until I’m no longer groggy.

2. I’m a true Gemini: one moment I’m going to fight and cut you, in another I want snuggles and love.

3. I hate milk. Unless it’s chocolate.

Boots from Target.
Blazer from Charlotte Russe.

4. I hate bananas. They make me want to throw up…

5. My favorite rom com is The Proposal. Then it’s Crazy, Stupid Love.

6. I skipped fourth grade in my Malaysian elementary school, but when I transferred to my American elementary school I returned to my original grade level.

7. Roses and sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

8. I’ve dyed my hair pink, purple, blue, blonde, green, and various shades of brown.

9. My lucky number is 9.


My train.
Clutch bought at the Singapore Zoo.

10. My first pair of heels is Audrey Brooke.

11. I’ve never broken a bone. I’ve only ever had sprains.

12. Whataburger is my favorite fast food chain.



13. Chicken is my favorite meat.

14. Libraries are my favorite places.

15. I don’t do drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke. I get lit all on my own.


16. At one point in time, I considered pursuing photojournalism.

17. My favorite things to do are taking naps, scrapbooking, and eating.

18. Strawberries are my favorite.

19. I’m a mama’s girl.

20. My nose and shoulders are the only parts of me that burn.


Author: theworldaccordingtoeve

Fashion enthusiast.

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