Sweater Weather


Sheela Writes and I have come together for another collaboration.

In the spirit of winter and cool weather, we decided to put together looks centered around sweaters.


I found my sweater in a clothing outlet in Sarawak, which is where my mother is from.

It was fate that I found it and have it. I mean, Eve is not exactly the most common name.

The sweater is perfect for dodging awkward conversations wherein someone forgets your name. And if you don’t feel like talking to people in general. Which happens frequently for me…

The store that I bought the sweater from was in what was once known as CityONE Megamall. For those of you who don’t know, there was a gas explosion that took place in early December and the mall is now destroyed.

Ring is momma’s and shades from Urban Outfitters.
Nothing like a good pair of booties.

My sweater has EVE written with embroidery patches across the front, while momma bear’s has two matching silver metallic unicorns.


I went for a “sweet” look with a badass edge.

I paired what I call my “Sugar Plum Fairy” dress with my signature black ankle booties and a few unique rings. I then tied my sweater in the back to keep myself warm and prevent myself from looking baggy.

Whereas Momma Bear went the opposite way: edgy with a twinge of cuteness.

While the unicorn sweater would normally be passed for just “cute” or “adorable,” she pushes it forward by accentuating the metallic silver with her bling. Not to mention the mixing of prints that she does so brilliantly (plaid and camouflage). And of course there’s that mermaid hair (which I hate-love her for).


Thanks for tuning in this week and make sure to come back for more.

And don’t forget to comment whose sweater look you love the most!


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Fashion enthusiast.

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