My First Women’s Retreat


For those of you who don’t know, I spent my first semester of the current school year in Europe. The University of Dallas has what is called the Rome Program. A group of 95 students, 5 professors, and a small group of staff live together for four months on the outskirts of Rome. Almost every weekend is a four day weekend, so everyone is allowed to travel outside of Italy until classes resume late Monday morning. There were also tons of class trips made throughout Italy and Greece.


On one of the weekends, students were offered a chance to go on a Women’s Retreat at a center in Albano.

The guys had theirs a few weekends before us, so we had a Girls’ Night watching She’s the Man, eating snacks, and having a mini dance party.

The retreat was about three days. It was a completely silent one and all meals were prepared for us (the bread was amazing with some oil, pepper, and salt).


I had never been on a retreat before so I was hesitant to go at first. But after some urging from my friends, I decided to go anyway.

It was free after all.

What was also nice about it was that while there was a schedule, no one was obligated to attend all events. So technically I could have just skipped everything (except meals) and relaxed/slept.

The only “events” I participated in was a Rosary prayer and Adoration for one hour.


My favorite part, however, was being able to just journal while looking at the amazing panoramic view of Lake Nemi. The clear, blue water was literally sparkling whenever the sun was up. The sunlight felt like absolute perfection against the cold, winter air. But it was the most relaxed I had been that entire semester.

I almost dreaded going back to campus, especially when all the girls erupted into chatter when silence was over.

It was actually painful…


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