Pretty Little Galway Girl


For those of you who don’t know, I spent my first semester of the current school year in Europe. The University of Dallas has what is called the Rome Program. A group of 95 students, 5 professors, and a small group of staff live together for four months on the outskirts of Rome. Almost every weekend is a four day weekend, so everyone is allowed to travel outside of Italy until classes resume late Monday morning. There were also tons of class trips made throughout Italy and Greece.


For my last long weekend, I went to Dublin and Galway.

At this point, many students had gone there and I had heard nothing but good things about Ireland. Everyone there is either incredibly kind, hilarious, and/or laidback. There was not one mean person that we came across during our visit.


Our first day in Ireland was spent running around Dublin, trying our hardest to see as many things as possible. From the Ha’penny Bridge, to the Chester Beatty Library, and many, many more!

For lunch we had super delicious (and super cheap) food at an American-inspired bar. It was one of the few times I had chicken during those four months (why don’t Italians eat more chicken???).

What I remember most from that day were the rainbows.


As in plural.

Dublin was rainy and super cold, but we welcomed with three different rainbows that day. One of which was a double rainbow!

How lucky are we?!


After spending the morning in Galway, where I ate BIG chocolate pancakes with cinnamon hot chocolate and bought a Claddagh ring to show off my singleness, we headed to the Cliffs of Moher.

Right before we arrived it had been raining quite heavily. So when we were walking along the cliffs, it was extremely muddy. Boot-ruining, mushy-sounding, feet-trapping muddy. I lost count how many times I almost fell (not off the cliffs at least).

But the views were absolutely breathtaking.

Every inch of the place was something out of a painting. The dreamy blue waters, the massive cliffs, the flocks of birds that flew at a distance, all encompassed a gorgeous scenery.

Truly an unforgettable experience.


We ended our time there with a big, hearty dinner.

Eating soup, various breads, huge slices of meat  and tons of potatoes.

After stopping by a chocolate shop for some last minute desserts, we headed back to Dublin and caught our flight back to campus the following morning.


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One thought on “Pretty Little Galway Girl”

  1. Thank you for sharing on Muttonstyle Monday. I’m so glad you had an opportunity to visit Ireland. I’ve only been to Dublin, and I’m in Britain!

    Anna at Muttonstyle

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