Star Treatment at Hollywood Studios


I admit that Hollywood Studios was not given as much love or attention from us as it probably should have. But it’s a cool place that incorporates tons of movie references and fun sci-fi attractions.


We started off with Muppet Vision 3D. It’s an adorable 3D production that perfectly captures the fun and quirkiness of the Muppets. I even joke that my mother is Miss Piggy and her boyfriend, Michael, is Kermit. That sentence alone should tell you a lot of about them 😉

We then proceeded to have lunch at the most adorable place ever: 50s Prime Time Café. It’s structured and set up like an actual house from the 50s era, with photos and décor and television sets everywhere! Each tv was playing some form of black and white film or commercial that people could watch while eating. The servers also treat customers as though they were family. And my family I mean making sure we set the table correctly, no elbows on the table, asking why I didn’t eat my vegetables, etc. But it’s executed in a charming way instead of a condescending or weird one, which made the experience that much more fun! It also helps that the food is good. The onion rings are probably some of the best I’ve ever had and the chocolate milkshake was to die for (figuratively, of course).

Afterwards we stopped by the store Once Upon a Time before heading to the Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage performance.

Did I squeal and die from the experience?


Did I also quietly sing along?


I also remember telling my mother how a crying child needs to shut up because my dream was about to come true and they were interrupting it.

I know. I’m so nice.


We then went on a Star Wars adventure with the Star Tours – The Adventure Continues and Star Wars – Launch Bay. Even though Star Wars – Path of the Jedi was unfortunately closed, we still managed to have an awesome time at the other two Star Wars themed attractions. We got to meet Chewbacca, who gives big hairy hugs, and BB-8, who gives off a pretty sassy vibe with its head turns.

What was really fun, however, was meeting Kylo Ren. I guess my apprehensive look made him think I was the perfect one out of our group to single out. I vaguely remember him saying he sees me being his apprentice. Apparently I responded with a very important question: “Do I get paid?” Pretty sure he said no. When we left, I called him buddy and he told me to be silent.

The beginnings of a great partnership, huh?

In order to kill time before our dinner reservation, we went to the Under the Sea – the Little Mermaid live performance. While it was still nice, it was not as impressive like the Beauty and the Beast one. The majority of it was a montage of the animated film with small moments of live actors. The sea life puppets however, particularly Sebastian, was really fun. The Under the Sea segment was boppin’. I also found it hilarious that Ursula is so incredibly larger than life that they had to create an animatronic of her, and not get an actress to play her instead.

Ursula truly is one of a kind.

Dinner was at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, another incredibly cool pace to have a meal at. The inside is built like a drive-in movie theater, where the ceiling is made out to be like the night sky with stars and palm trees on the side. The seating is like an actual car with built-in tables, so I got the entire backseat to myself. Just like in real life actually 😉 While you eat, there are movie clips and trailers playing on the screen. They’re either sci-fi or monster related shows that are from the 50s to the 60s. It’s a really cool setup that you should definitely check out. It also helps that the food is good too.


We end our time at Hollywood Studios with the Fantasmic! Show. Here’s the thing though, it’s advised that you look for seating between an hour to two before the show begins. “Why is that?” you ask. Well, because the crowd becomes a stampede trying to look for a good place to watch the show. We were lucky considering that we went about twenty minutes before and found seats near the very top area of the arena. It also helped later on with getting to the buses. The show itself, while not as impressive as the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, was still cool. Especially with the special appearances made by so many badass Disney villains, particularly my queens Maleficent and the Evil Queen.

Would I recommend going to it?

Probably only if you go super early and get a seat that’s really close to the stage. Or if you have something to ward off crazy people who are willing to trample you.

A massive thank you to Natasha for taking time out of her day to let us into the park.

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4 thoughts on “Star Treatment at Hollywood Studios”

  1. Eve, how lovely to see you here at my link party! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining! First, these photos are simply adorable. I am loving this mustard dress and this mural is so fun! And second, what a great experience. You and mom and Michael seem to be having the time of your lives lately. That makes me so very happy for you all. And as far as screaming children ruining your experience, you are not a terrible person at all for thinking that. My children are currently at the ages where they are ruining my every experience! This parenting gig is hard, I tell you. Wait a good long time before you venture there yourself! Sending you lots of love from New York!


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