On My Own

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These past months have been the first time that I’ve not only lived in an apartment, but also on my own.

I never thought that it would be so hard to move into a new place, but I’m not gonna lie, it was hella rough.

I was originally supposed to still live on-campus, but my application to move off-campus was approved one month before school. Just finding a place was a miracle.

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I had originally ordered some furniture from Rooms to Go that was supposed to arrive not too long after I moved in. Of course, life didn’t want to make it easy on me.

The order was canceled for NO REASON and had to be reordered all over again. So I literally had no bed for a little over a month. Luckily we got an air mattress so I didn’t have to sleep on the floor. Normally I can sleep anywhere, but these floors broke me.

After a long time my bed finally arrived, along with my dresser. I unintentionally made it a princess room, but I love it! The mirror that came with my dresser, however, is so huge and my walls are so not trustworthy that I haven’t hung it up yet for fear that it might fall one day. But I also received my side dresser/table thingy. It was originally going to be a shoe rack but it’s bigger than I expected.

But I never received my sofa, coffee table, and end table. I don’t know how, but they were somehow canceled or something, so I didn’t even bother. At that point I had a couple of chairs so it wasn’t that horrible.

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A few days after moving in, my newly bought Wifi thingy broke too. It just wouldn’t work and in the end we had to get a replacement. It probably wasn’t that big of a deal, but moving in was so stressful that I just sat down and bawled my eyes.

A part of one of my walls had also part of it torn off and I had to get my dishwasher fixed so that it’d stop leaking.

Not to mention the gecko that snuck in and has been living in the apartment this whole time. Without even helping pay the rent. What a hoe.

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Months later I finally decided to also get an actual dining table with chairs.

I got them from Groupon and I love it!

I felt so cool putting them together all on my own, like freaking Bob the Builder or something.

Initially the chairs were missing and I thought, “Oh God, not again.” But it turns out that they were delivered to the front office. And I had to carry this huge box. From the front. To my apartment. Which is allllll the way at the back of the complex.

I was initially offered help but I thought, “Nah, I can do this.”

One minute later, and I had barely left the front office, I was offered help by someone else. But this time I was like, “Hell yes, please!” I never knew getting furniture could be so complicated.


I’m also the only one in my squad that’s living alone.

So literally everyone is like “Make sure to lock your doors!” or “Don’t walk back alone!” or “You need to get pepper spray!” At one point I was given a baseball bat, just in case.

His name is Badger.

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Despite how rough it was in the beginning, like super rough, I enjoyed living alone. It was a terrifying, yet somewhat freeing experience.

I’m grateful for it because now I know what to do and what not to do when it comes to apartment hunting. I now know what to look for and what’s most important to me.

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