The Post-Country Taylor Swift Extravaganza

My friend, Joanna, and I have been hardcore Swifties for a very long time. We’ve been wanting to put together outfits inspired by each of her musical eras, but the immense workload of an accelerated school semester prevented us from doing so. Near the end of November, however, we finally managed to put an evening aside just for this!

Stepping into each era is kind of like revisiting past versions of yourself. Who we were when each album came out is never identical. From the infectious energy of 1989, the blunt savagery of reputation, the warm fuzzy feelings of Lover, and the mystical folklore. Joanna and I love each of these albums for different reasons, each of which resonate with different aspects of our personalities and periods of time in our own lives.

The following post is gonna show our outfit interpretations for each of Taylor Swift’s musical eras. We’ve also included our two favorite songs from each album and our general thoughts about them.


“I love how fun 1989 is! It’s got such a good mix of moods and so different from her other songs!”

Joanna W.-B.

Joanna: How You Get the Girl and Style.

1989 is the epitome of a party album. It’s super fun and never fails to get me in a good mood!”

Eve L.

Eve: Out of the Woods and You Are In Love.


“I love Taylor’s new vibe in reputation! It’s unapologetic in the best way and her concert for this album was legendary.”

Joanna W.-B.

Joanna: Gorgeous and Getaway Car.

“I always associate my first semester at college with this era. I have such fond memories of dancing at the baseball field and fun car ride karaoke sessions associated with reputation. The angsty and commanding nature of this album always makes me feel like such a badass.”

Eve L.

Eve: Call it What You Want and Ready for It…?


“I like Lover because it feels so honest. If reputation was about revenge, Lover is about redemption.”

Joanna W.-B.

Joanna: Paper Rings and The Archer.

Lover is such a fun album filled with head-bopping and toe-tapping tunes. Despite being a much more uplifting era, Taylor still manages to have some pretty angst songs (which, ironically, happen to be some of my favorites). “

Eve L.

Eve: Death by a Thousand Cuts and Afterglow.


“Along with Red, folklore is one of Taylor’s most poetic albums. It’s beautiful, thoughtful, and raw. It’s one of my favorite albums ever!”

Joanna W.-B.

Joanna: The Lakes and Mirrorball.

folklore definitely helped put into words emotions and mental states I’ve been through, but was never able to put into words. It truly is a work of art.”

Eve L.

Eve: This Is Me Trying and Exile.

To Joanna, my fellow Swiftie!

Now just to be clear, these were done before Miss Swift blew our minds and attacked our souls by releasing a second surprise album in 2020. But I’d like to say that evermore is a work of art that I didn’t know I needed until I discovered it’s existence. Therefore we still wanted to include our favorites from the latest Taylor Swift album 🙂

Joanna: Gold Rush and Champagne Problems.

“This woman can do no wrong. evermore is so good. I can’t believe she was able to do this on top of folklore!”

Joanna W.-B.

Eve: Tolerate It and ‘Tis the Damn Season.

“I literally play all of folklore and evermore together on one playlist. It’s absolute heaven! Every song is a piece of lyrical art that comes for the feels.”

Eve L.

That’s a wrap on our Taylor Swift inspired fashion show!

I’m super excited for her re-recordings and whatever she comes up with next. I just hope I don’t die from the pure shock of another surprise release. It’s too soon and yet still feels like it’s taking forever. I still haven’t fully process folklore and evermore!

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Fashion enthusiast.

8 thoughts on “The Post-Country Taylor Swift Extravaganza”

  1. Lovely outifts for you both. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories (please remember to add our badge to your linked post and complete comments on other posts in the linky)

  2. To my shame with a daughter who is a fan and the fact I share Taylor’s birthday (much different year lol) I don’t know her music but will make the effort after reading this post. #MischiefandMemories

  3. What a fun idea for a post! you and your friend look great in your inspired outfits, nice to see some different styles in one post! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂 We are having a quiet day today, after celebrating the lunar new year yesterday with family.

  4. Eve, what a fun post! I love all of your outfits! And as much as I do like Taylor Swift and admire her greatly, I really am not all that familiar with her albums so this was fun and educational for me! Thanks so much for joining my link party. I hope all is well in your world! Please send my love to your sweet momma as well!


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