Shine Bright

This is the second edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing with the print, camo. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The second of the series is to dress in camo with a color. The finale, which shall be posted this Friday, will display the well-known print with a different surprise element.

Shades are Prada via Shop Ditto.

Top from Zara.

Dress was originally my momma’s 😘

Sneakers from Topshop.

Here are the others in their Camo + Color looks:

Love the way Jodie accessorized her look with yellow items.
Nancy’s silver shoes are soooo cool and the purple skirt is absolutely gorgeous!
Charlotte and I are Sneaker Sisters.
Momma looks damn good.

Tune in on Friday to see our last look!


Pastel Time


This is the first edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing with the print, camo. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The first of the series is to dress in camo with pastels. The rest will show the well-known print with different surprise elements, which shall be posted this week.

Top from Zara.
Shorts from Dee’s.
Shoes from Amiclubwear.
Shades from Poshmark.

Yes, looking good takes a lot of work. Even to the point of sweating. No shame.

Here are my Bloggin’ Sistas in their Camo + Pastel outfits:

Love the way Jodie styled her outfit. Especially the fact that she changed her glasses too.
Nancy looks so chic. I can’t handle it.
Charlotte’s belt gives her sweet look a touch of badassery.
Love how my momma paired her camo with the pastel pink pants and embroidered cardigan. It’s also cool how her pictures look like old photographs that came out of a time capsule. #authentic
The only pastel items I own are my shoes and my choker. And yes, I’m still fixing my hair.

Check back on Wednesday to see what we pair our camo items with next!

Wild Child

I’m a wild one. Kind of.
image3 (4)
Wild Child

My mother, Sheela Writes, and I were approached by a new perfume company called Pinrose to review their latest products.

Wild Child and Gilded Fox.

If you’re more into a sultry and minty-ish scent, check out Sheela Writes to see her review of the Gilded Fox.

Take the Pinrose Personality Quiz to find out which scents suit you best!

Perfume from Pinrose.

I was initially unsure, though nonetheless flattered, when approached with the offer since it recquired two things:

  1. Try out the perfume (even though I almost never use them)
  2. Write a review (which I’ve only ever done once)

Luckily I actually like the scent. It’s sweet and floral and perfect for a girls night out.

image6 (4)
Pretty In Pink
Don’t move or I’ll spray!

What I love about Pinrose is the work they put into making their brand go above and beyond in terms of uniqueness.

When you click on a specific product, a Pinterest mood board and a soundtrack on 8tracks Radio are provided give off the vibe of the scent. It even gives you scent notes for the top, mid, and base of the perfume. How cool is that?

Also, I appreciate that the bottle is manageable. Perfume bottles are normally huge and/or complicatedly shaped. And kudos to the bottle designers for concocting such pretty displays!

Dress from Anthropologie.
Necklace from Forever 21. Shades from Poshmark.
Shoes from Amiclubwear.

If you are somone who leans toward a more feminine and girly scent, then you should definitely try out Wild Child!

Other perfumes you might like are Cuddle Pink, Pillowtalk Poet, and Tambourine Dreamer.

image4 (4)
My fortune.
image2 (4)

A huge thank you to Pinrose for giving me the opportunity to try their product!

image1 (6)

Be playful. Be brave. Be you.

Give ’em the Cold Shoulder

Project Sister Act: Bared Shoulders

Project Sister Act, originated by Sheela Writes, is a collaboration amongst bloggers to prove that style is ageless.

For June, the theme chosen is called Bared Shoulders.

My own personal Diagon Alley.

I have to say, when I first saw this place, the first thing that popped into my head was Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.

Initially sketchy, but turns out to be cool.

And normally I don’t wear long dresses because I could either trip or get it caught onto something.

But this dress is the exception.

It’s so freakin’ comfy.

And swishable.

I felt like a folkloric dancer twirling about.

And I must say that my hair looks really good! Which is strange considering that it was hot as hell that day AND I was sweating profusely.

Dress from BooHoo.
Shoes are Rotelli.

This month’s Project Sister Act Bloggers:

Me, Teens

Representin’ them Teens.

Veena, 20s

What a gorgeous look! Obsessed with those pants.

Ada, 30s

I love Ada’s take on this month’s theme. It’s a cool look with a vintage vibe.

Sheela, 40s

Look at my momma go!

Rena, 50s

Love how Rena accessorized! It gives her outfit an extra umph.

A huge thank you to all of the bloggers that participated this month!

Make sure to be on the lookout for the next Project Sister Act Post.

See ya!

Dressed in B&W + Print

Imma diva.

This is the final edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing in black and white. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The finale displays the color combination with a print, concluding the B&W Project.

Shades from Poshmark. Dress from a retail store in Malaysia.
Necklace from Poshmark. Blazer from H&M.
Shoes are Rotelli.

Here is the last set of the B&W Collaboration looks:

Jodie’s spunky look is perfectly complimented with her fur Pom Pom.
Love those printed flats, Nancy!
Such a sweet look from Charlotte. Adore those flowers, too!
Obsessed!!!!! My momma looks so good!

Mini Interview of Sheela Writes

Throughout the majority of my life you’ve only worn black. It was only until recently that you’ve started experimenting with other aspects of fashion, e.g., prints, color, cuts. What motivated you to begin going outside of your comfort zone and how hard has it been to try new things?

I felt a little bored with wearing just black, and that’s the Gospel truth. I felt the need to add a few touches of rainbow to my life and, in the beginning, it was so incredibly difficult. I couldn’t think outside of black and white, and stripes aside, patterns didn’t even exist in my world, let alone have a place in my wardrobe. But with each different outfit, it got easier. Playing the color and print game became fun. And you know what’s ironic? I now find it equally challenging to put together something all black. Isn’t that ridiculous?

You’re known for your unique and unapologetic style. How has it impacted your blogging opportunities? Does it ever feel intimidating to be such an anomaly, or is it empowering?

A bit of both, I suppose. In the beginning, it was pure frustration, I confess. I struggled with myself, with wanting to stay true to me while wanting what mainstream bloggers had. After a while, I stopped caring about being an anomaly, I made up my mind that I was ok with being different. And things started falling into place. I know it’s cliched but it’s very true. Once you start accepting yourself, the world follows suit. These days, brands rich out to me for that very reason. They know they can rely on me to present their products in a manner that’s not predictable, and that’s exhilarating.

Who are your style icons and how do they influence your fashion choices?

Gwen Stefani. Hands down. There’s a reason why I own so many pairs from her GX Shoe line, and clothes from her L.A.M.B. brand GRIN she is, to me, the epitome of a kickass working mother who switches easily from edgy rock n roll star to chic professional, and so much more. Another person I admire greatly for her deft hand in mixing couture with high street and vintage is Jane Aldridge from Sea Of Shoes. What a maestro.

Black and white is one of the most known, timeless color combinations in fashion history. Why do you think it’s so popular?

It’s just as you said. Black and White together is timeless. It can create so many different moods, from graphic to classic and everything in between.

Use three adjectives to describe your style.

I think you described it quite perfectly – unapologetic. Unexpected. And, I’d like to think, whimsical.

Mixin’ prints

Mini Interview with Sheela Writes

You grew up wearing pink frou frou dresses and now here you are, all about the statement tees and black outfits. How do you think that change happened?

I started experimenting with graphic tees and dark colors after watching the movie Bandslam. One of the main characters, Sa5m (the 5 is silent), was a snarky teenager that always wore black and listened to heavy metal and reggae music. I was 10 when I saw the film and I thought she was the coolest thing on the planet. Up until that point, I had never met nor seen anyone like her and I wanted to replicate her outfits. But by the time I started 8th grade, I began to take inspiration from Sa5m rather than become exactly like her.

Do you personally wear so much black as an act of rebellion?

While I do try to experiment with different colors, black will always be my bestie. I wouldn’t say that it is an act of rebellion, but rather just something that I’m more comfortable with.

Why, in your opinion, is black the go-to colour for women across all generations?

Black is popular because it compliments every type of skin color and body type. Plus, it’s an incredibly versatile color.

Use 3 adjectives to describe your opinion of a B&W outfit.

Marvelous. Timeless. Cool.

Who are your style icons and why?

Zendaya is definitely one of my style icons. She’s incredibly versatile, ranging from jogger pants with kickass sneakers to gorgeous dresses to die for. She comes up with the coolest ideas and struts her stuff unapologetically. Selena Gomez is awesome too. I love her chic casual looks and often try to replicate them.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this collaboration!

Dressed in B&W + Color

Blue Love

This is the second edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing in black and white. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The second of the series is to dress in black and white, with an additional color. The finale, which shall be posted on Wednesday, will display black and white and another surprise element.

Shoutout to Ashpower for getting me that top. Love it!
Top from Banana Republic. Pants from H&M.
Necklace from Forever 21.
Shoes from JustFab.

Here are the others’ looks with a color:

Jodie’s lace flats make her look even cooler.
I love Nancy’s choice of color. The pale pink is so pretty!
I guess Charlotte got the memo about blue 😜
No, we did not coordinate. Great minds just think alike.
In love with my new haircut. Chopped it all off!
East Village

Check back on Wednesday to see the finale!


Dressed in B&W

Black and white. Can’t live without them.

This is the first edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing in black and white. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The first of the series is to dress solely in black and white. The rest will show the well-known color combination with an added surprise element, which shall be posted next week.

Shades from Poshmark. Jumpsuit from Ave 2020.
Necklace from Forever 21.
Shoes are BAMBOO.

Here are my fellow bloggers rockin’ their B&W looks:

Obsessed with Jodie’s outfit. Super cool!
I love how well Nancy’s top and pants compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy.
Charlotte’s look is so sweet! It’s so cool how she’s the only one who wore a skirt.
Hi Momma!
And lastly, my look 🙂

Make sure to tune in next week to see the rest!

Animal Instinct

Animal print is this month’s Project Sister Act theme.

Project Sister Act was created by my mother, Sheela Goh, to prove that style has no age limit as various bloggers of different ages interpret a style in their own way.

Me wants to go home and have chocolate milk.
The most exercise I did that day.

Thank God the plcae was vacant and that there was zero wind.

Otherwise we’d have a lot of traumatized people.

Especially me.

Necklace from Poshmark. Shades are Prada.
Shoes are Jeffery Campbell.
Dress from H&M.

You have no idea how scared I was when Sofia, our photographer, told me to stand between the elevator doors.

I thought I was going to be squished to death.

She laughed at me…

My fellow bloggers in their interpretation of Animal Instinct.

20s – Chichi, (thestyletune)

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset
Want this outfit.

30s – Brandy, (authenticallyb)

Such a cool combination of prints! I would never be brave enough to try it out.

40s – Sheela, (sheelagoh)

Work, momma!

50 – Suzanne, (suzannecarillo)

suzanne carillo leopard jumpsuit
Damn Suzanne…

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed this month.

Make sure to check in for the next Project Sister Act in June!

Stripe Sisters

My favorite shot of this shoot.
Whip it!

Project Sister Act is a collaboration amongst bloggers of different ages to prove that style has no age limit.

This month’s theme is Sweet Stripes.

Shoes are Senfini.
Top from Daily Look. Necklace is Kate Spade. Jeans are Abercrombie & Fitch.
Hi there.

This month’s Project Sister Act Edition: 

Me, Teens

That is the look of a tired high school student.

Naomi, 20s ( finite1 )

Look at that wall!

Christianne, 30s ( simplychristianne )

Adore those shades!

Sheela, 40s ( sheelagoh )

This is probably my favorite outfit that my momma put together. #onpoint

Laurie, 50s ( vanityandme )

Obsessed with Laurie’s pants. They’re so cool!

That concludes May’s Project Sister Act.

I know I barely wrote anything and that this post is not very inspiring. My brain’s been fried from all the tests I’ve had to take these past few weeks. But I’ll try to do better next week.

Shout out to the other bloggers that participated! This month’s outfits are by far my favorite in the entire Project Sister Act history.

Can’t wait for next month 🙂

‘Cause I’m Rich

It’s that time of the month, guys.

Project Sister Act time.

“She take my money when I’m in need. Oh she’s a gold digger way over town.”

For those of you who don’t know, Project Sister Act is a collaboration between bloggers of different ages that dress based off of a theme.

This month’s is Gold Digger (actually it’s just Gold but Gold Digger sounds fancy).

Shades are Prada. Dress from Kissue.
Passing through life like a boss.

Once again, the lovely Sofia made me do some form of jumping and leaping and all that stuff. I had to do it three times.


I was actually sweating (I know, pathetic).

We had to stop after the third try though. A police officer saw us and said I couldn’t jump off of that ledge thingy.

I felt like such a rebel.

Body chain from Forever 21.

April’s Project Sister Act Fashionistas:

Me, Teens

“I don’t care if you don’t like me.”

Kat, 20s ( )


Sheela, 40s ( )

This is where I get my sass from. My momma is #onpoint

Rebecca, 50s ( )

This woman does NOT look like she’s in her 50s. #SLAY

Shout out to Sofia Emm for the photos and my girl Ashpower for sharing the song “Rich” by K. Michelle with me. That song can make anyone feel like a boss.

🎧 I got rich people problems
Only way to solve ’em
Keep on gettin’ rich
Richer and richer I need every single dollar🎧

Until next time!

Sidenote: All references to being wealthy or a forty-niner are purely for entertainment purposes. This post does not in any way encourage gold digging or any other activity of the sort.

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