My Inner Goofball, Natalie Cook

SEMM7502 (2)
Feelin’ like a mermaid stepping out on land.

This is the first edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. We are putting together outfits inspired by Charlie’s Angels. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The first of the series is to dress like the dance-crazy goofball, Natalie Cook, who was  played by Cameron Diaz. The rest will show the other two Angels, which shall be posted in the following days.

SEMM7511 (2)
SEMM7504 (1)
Dress from Forever 21. Thanks Mummy!
SEMM7530 (2)
Sneakers from Topshop.

Check us Angels out!

Hey there.
thumbnail (3)
Momma Bear lookin’ fly.
thumbnail (4)
In love with Jodie’s top! As well as her killer silver metallic boots.
thumbnail (5)
That top is sooo pretty!
thumbnail (6)
Lovin’ the whole black monochrome look girl!
11-26 119 (1044x1280)
They are literally the most adorable ladies ever.

Make sure to check back on Wednesday to see who we take inspiration from next!


The Final Battle

Are you ready for it?


It is officially Finals Week at the University of Dallas.

And it is absolute Hell.

First of all I’ve been sick since last Wednesday! I’m still not completely well, but I’m much better considering I’m no longer coughing so hard I almost throw up.

Yeah, not so great.

And of course it had to happen right before my final exams.

It was so bad I that I wasn’t able to have a decent night of sleep for days. I also managed to finish a whole bottle of Robitussin in less than a week. I had another one but by then I was feeling so much better. Plus two of friends started getting sick and finished it all in three days. #TRUEFRIENDSHIP #SICKFRIENDSSTICKTOGETHER

Shades from an indie boutique.
Dress from Esprit.

Today I had my Psychology exam and then my Italian exam.

On Saturday I have my two hardest subjects: Literary Traditions I (basically English I) and Philosophy (specifically about the ethical life). My Lit. Trad. exam basically covers The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, as well as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It’s supposed to encompass tons of stuff, but the scariest portion of it are the quotes. They literally all sound the same to me even though I read them all! And then there’s Philosophy. It’s my worst subject. It covers two of the philosophers I’ve learned: Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. The majority of the exam is an oral one. There are 45 questions to memorize on the off chance that my professor asks 5 to 10 of them. The rest of the exam is an essay that I literally wrote a day before it was due.

Sunday is my only day off.

Next Monday I have Euclidean/Non-euclidean Geometry. Yay.

But after that I get to go home for a whole month! I can’t wait to be home with my Momma Bear. And then there’s Christmas!!!



Side note: A huge thank you to Ettika for the gorgeous necklace (pictured below).

It’s absolutely stunning!

Eclipse Goddess Gold Choker from Ettika.
Shoes from JustFab.

My first semester in college has flown by so quickly!

It honestly feels like it was yesterday I was moving into my dorm.

While there are some classes I’ll miss because of the pretty cool people I’ve met, I’m also excited for my second semester classes.

So good luck to every student out there who’s suffering too!

Hopefully we’ll make it out alive.


I Am Powerful lipstick by RealHer.

Charity Week

Waiting for my turn like…

This past week has been Charity Week at the University of Dallas.

There have been ton of events and activities held throughout the week wherein the money has been raised for a children’s foundation in Houston, Texas. Whoot, whoot!

There was a dancethon, a 5K marathon, a male auction, and tons of mini booths that vary every other day.

Welcome to Birds Barbershop.

On Monday night there was a Lip Sync Battle inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s famous skit.

There was a rock and roll band, an Elsa impersonator, a Single Ladies performance (by a guy), Lizzie McGuire’s What Dreams Are Made Of, and a node to Hannah Montana.

It was most definitely an interesting way of ending a Monday.


There is also this thing called “Jail.”

It’s literally a wooden jail made by UD people that was painted to look like there was a Kraken within.

Basically for every dollar donated, a person can be “jailed” for a certain amount of hours. It can be students and/or professors. Professors are also given the opportunity to go to the Faculty Jail, which is basically a few feet away with drinks and snacks.

Counting down the seconds.

The first person I helped put in jail was my Literary Traditions I professor. He didn’t even bring his stuff because he knew it was coming.

Classes can be cancelled by throwing professors in jail if every student in class donated a dollar. It’s literally a “We’re all in this together” moment. Students are also supposed to escort their professor to the jail.

When my class got there, there was a history class that was explaining why there professor was being put into jail: early morning class, homework, papers, etc. The professors were clearly amused as they booed the student talking.

Choker from Forever 21.
Hey there.
Lips courtesy of Laqa and Co. called NINZA.

I also helped put my Philosophy and the Ethical Life professor, whose a nun.

And no, I had no remorse for putting a nun in jail.

Only seven people from my class showed up to find a letter and no professor.

She apparently decided to hide from us but left us hints as to where she was. We found her eventually in the Art Village but dang, I sweat a lot that morning.


My Euclidean/Non-euclidean Geometry professor had a similar idea.

He showed up but handed out a worksheet we had to figure out. It was a set of statement with corresponding numbers that we had to figure out. Once we determined a number, we had to text our professor the number in exchange for his location.

Apparently we were too fast.

He wanted to grade our midterm exams but never got around to it.

Boom! *insert mic drop*

There’s always time to chill.


Caps is Urban Outfitters via Poshmark.
Shoes is Surface to Air via Poshmark.

The last professor I put in jail was my Italian I professor.

I almost felt bad for him because he’s always in a suit and the jail is outside in the Texas heat. Almost.

Apparently there was also another Italian professor who in revenge for being jailed, she in turn jailed all her students. Damn.

Cistercian monks at my school also try to escape the jail every year by running away or breaking out. They’re very dedicated.

There was also someone who payed a two hundred dollars to jail two hundred random people who pass by the jail. Both genius and frightening.


Anyways, I hope next year’s Charity Week is just as fun as this years.

I can’t wait to jail people again!

Jumpsuit form Forever 21.

Eve in Wonderland

Shades from Urban Outfitters. Choker from Free People and necklace from Etsy.

I bought this dress in Malaysia for the sole purpose of taking pictures in it.

The round, red roses to the polka dots to its funky edge screams Alice in Wonderland.

To me at least.


A couple of weeks ago during psychology class, while my professor was checking attendance he asked to speak with me after class.

Naturally I started freaking out because just moments before he mentioned having graded all our tests already. I thought that meant I had failed so badly that I was going to be dropped from the class.

So I could barely concentrate during class because I was fretting over what my professor wanted to speak to me about.


So at the very end of class I go up to him and he says, “Are you famous?”

This obviously catches me off guard.

Then he asks if I really do have 50 thousand followers and if I have a blog.

It turns out that one of his daughters knows who I am and asked about me! My professor connected the dots: Eve, psychology major, University of Dallas. It’s me!

Rings are from indie boutiques.
Whip it!

I was so relieved that I wasn’t in trouble!

I told my professor and he thought it was pretty amusing. I did too, afterwards of course.

By the way, I ended up getting a B on that test.


Bowing out.

It’s Going Down


It’s that time already.

Midterm exams.

I literally look back on the past month or so and think “What the hell have I been learning?” Have no fear momma, I somewhat know what I need to do.


Sweater from H&M.
Romper from Forever 21.

I have five classes total.

There’s Euclidean/Non-Euclidean Geometry, whose midterm I’m having on Wednesday (God bless my soul). It’s not hard but it’s easy to fail too. Comforting.

Then there’s Foundations of Psychology as a Human Science whose midterm is sometime this week.

And the Italian I on Friday, which compared to my other classes should be okay.

Then I’ve got Literary Traditions I which is sometime soon too, I think.

And finally, there’s Philosophy and the Ethical Life which is on either Wednesday or Friday. It’s an oral exam that is about 20 minutes long and concerning Plato’s Republic. You people better pray for me ’cause I’m going to need it.

Strut like you mean it.

So that’s my schedule for next week.

But on the bright side I get to go home that weekend. 🙂

There are two things I’m excited about: my momma and her cooking.

Not gonna lie, I need my momma’s food like my granny does with her lipsticks and hair dye (I love you, Granny!).

Shades form an indie boutique. Lipstick courtesy of Laqa and Co. called TOOTS.
Bracelet made by my friend, RJ.
Booties are Jeffrey Campbell.

I hope everyone has a great week and good luck to everyone on their midterms.

We’re gonna need it.


Feeling Spiffy


This is the last edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing with capris. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The last of the series is to wear capris in a “fancy” or formal style.

SEMM7502 (1)
Swimsuit from Forever 21.
Capris from Forever 21 via Poshmark.
Bracelets were a gift from my stepmother.
Lips are Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics.
Shoes from ShoeDazzle.

This was probably one of my favorite looks that I put together.

I hope you guys like it too. 🙂



 Check out our looks:

thumbnail (2)
She looks SOOO good. #NOTBIASED
! 055 (855x1280)
Jodie’s outfit is the bomb! From the cool capris to the bell-sleeved top.
to sheila (855x1280)
*insert major heart eyes*
8-4-17 131 (749x1280)
Looking cute as always 🙂

 Thanks to everyone who did awesomely in this collaboration.

It was a lot of fun, like usual. 🙂

SEMM7530 (1)

What I’d Wear to If I Ever Went to Paris


This is the second edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing with the capris. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The second of the series is to wear capris in a french chic style. The last will show a different surprise element, which shall be posted this Friday.

Top from an indie boutique in Malaysia.
Headband from Forever 21.
Shades from an indie boutique. Lips are Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics.
Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell.

Check out our French Chic outfits:

Capris from Forever 21 via Poshmark.
In love with my momma’s shoes and jacket. I hope I’ll inherit it…
7-29-17 120 (853x1280)
Jodie’s look is so freakin’ charming.
8-10-17 013 (853x1280)
The red shoes and accessories give this outfit an extra flare.
8-4-17 018 (719x1280)
Those shoes are so cool!

Make sure to check in this Friday to see the last look!

They’re probably my favorites out of the series 🙂


I’m Not Athletic, But I Can Look Like It.


This is the first edition of a three-part collaboration with Jodie’s Touch of Style and Sheela Writes. The idea was to showcase various ways of dressing with capris. Also, though unintentional, it is a collaboration amongst mothers and daughters ❤️

The first of the series is to capris in an athleisure way. The rest will show different surprise elements, which shall be posted in the following days.

Top is Forever 21 via Poshmark.
Headband from H&M.
Capris from Poshmark.
Lipstick is Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics.
Shades from Poshmark.
Shoes from ShoeDazzle.

Ta da!


thumbnail (1)
My momma got ABS.
8-4-17j 154 (853x1280)
Dainty and sporty all at the same time!
8-10-17 131 (821x1280)
Those shoes are soooo pretty.
8-4-17 170 (797x1280)
That jacket is to die for!

Make sure to come back on Wednesday!


Summer of 2017

Necklace from Forever 21. Shades from Poshmark.

Summer officially ends on September 22nd.

For me it ended on August 18th.

But I thought maybe I’d give Summer a proper goodbye, considering I returned from Italy two days before moving into my dorm and was considerably too jet lagged to let the reality of it sink in.



Top from Target. Tie dyed it myself 🙂 #UDWOMENSMINISTRY

My summer has been filled with reunions and goodbyes of the best kind.

From a twelve year reunion in Singapore, to having a blast with my maternal grandparents in Malaysia, to meeting up with old friends while making new ones in Italy, and finally saying goodbye to the squad I’ve been a part of throughout most of my high school years in Houston.

I think that’s the most I’ve traveled. Ever.

Especially in such a short amount of time.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but hella exhausting.

Romper from Forever 21.
Shoes from Shoe Dazzle.

This past summer has definitely been the best so far.

Despite all the tears that went into saying my goodbyes I wouldn’t change a thing, and I now go forth into my college career excited and semi-anxious.

God help me.



Miss me luck!

Labor Day Weekend

Dress from H&M.

I did not need to miss my parents during my first week of university as Labor Day Weekend was right after it.

A couple of hours after class I took packed all my things and headed to the airport in an Uber. It was kind of stressful considering the multiple entrances this campus has. I, however, treated myself to McDonald’s and some Auntie Anne pretzel bites at the airport for getting myself to the airport in one piece.

We spent the majority of the weekend on our super comfy couch, all snuggled up in a fuzzy blue blanket, catching up with the tv series Suits and So You Think You Can Dance (Go Lex!). With the occasional kolache and Whataburger.



I also wanted to give a shout out to my father who bought me this dress.

Super pretty!

And great for twirling.


The plane ride back from Houston was awesome.

It was my first time ever in first class and even though it was barely an hour long, it was very enjoyable.

It’s not just that the seats are wider, or that there’s more leg room, or that there’s more arm space, or that there’s even a coat hanger. The stewardess came to us a few minutes after takeoff, paper and pen in hand, to order our drinks. I think it was the first time ever that I’ve been served Sprite in a glass on an airplane. And we even got snacks! Normally on these short flights they don’t serve you, but I guess first class gets them anyway. I had the most delicious, aside from my mother’s of course, thin chocolate chip cookies ever.

Basically I could get used to first class.

Choker from Forever 21. Ring from Charlotte Russe. Shades from Poshmark.
Sneakers from Topshop.


The cab ride back, however, was not as pleasant.

Despite telling the cab driver twice to go to the University of Dallas NOT the University of Texas in Dallas, he took me there anyway. Which OF COURSE was in the opposite direction from my own school. It normally takes about 14 minutes to get to UD from the airport and vice versa. However, it took about 20 minutes to get to UT from the airport and another 20 minutes to go to the correct university. Which I may have been okay with if it weren’t for the fact that I was congested, had a headache, and was starving.

Not a great combo.

I ended the night with watching a Kevin Hart film while eating mini burgers my mother packed for me beforehand. And watching Horton Hears A Who!

So what?

I think I deserved it.

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