NSLC DWC Production Notes

I successfully completed my work experience in the Discover the World of Communication (DWC) Workshop, which was part of an 11-day program called National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC). It exposed me to an enormous pool of creativity, and gave me a chance to be taught by college professors renowned for their expertise in their individual fields, namely Photography and Mass Communication, fields wherein I’m considering pursuing a career.

The specific module of communication I chose to focus on in the DWC Workshop was Digital Photography. During the classes, I was constantly surrounded by people who shared an equal interest and passion in this same field. Regardless of whether an individual had a great amount of experience in photography, or if they had none at all, to be around those with similar goals and interests was most definitely uplifting and informative. To be able to interact with people from different parts of the world, people who showed me varying perspectives that I myself may never even have thought of up until then, and which I incorporate in my work today, it was incredible.

The workshop also gave me the opportunity to learn from esteemed professors who, in addition to showing us how to use softwares to better our work, shared numerous helpful and insightful techniques with us. What was best about learning from and working with them was the fact that it did not feel like work at all. The professors were, yes, respected and treated like the adults they were, but they were also confidants and supporters in helping us develop our portfolio and our knowledge of photography. They trusted that we would act as responsible young adults, while still giving us the freedom to express ourselves in our work, and that motivated me tremendously.

In conclusion, my work experience was more than I could have hoped for. I have formed strong bonds with most of the people I worked closely with.  I have learned so very much from the professors and from my peers as well. The DWC Workshop was invaluable in enlightening me to all different forms of photography, both technically and artistically. It has helped affirm not only my love for the field, but cemented my wish to pursue this as a profession.


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