Star Treatment at Hollywood Studios


I admit that Hollywood Studios was not given as much love or attention from us as it probably should have. But it’s a cool place that incorporates tons of movie references and fun sci-fi attractions.


We started off with Muppet Vision 3D. It’s an adorable 3D production that perfectly captures the fun and quirkiness of the Muppets. I even joke that my mother is Miss Piggy and her boyfriend, Michael, is Kermit. That sentence alone should tell you a lot of about them 😉

We then proceeded to have lunch at the most adorable place ever: 50s Prime Time Café. It’s structured and set up like an actual house from the 50s era, with photos and décor and television sets everywhere! Each tv was playing some form of black and white film or commercial that people could watch while eating. The servers also treat customers as though they were family. And my family I mean making sure we set the table correctly, no elbows on the table, asking why I didn’t eat my vegetables, etc. But it’s executed in a charming way instead of a condescending or weird one, which made the experience that much more fun! It also helps that the food is good. The onion rings are probably some of the best I’ve ever had and the chocolate milkshake was to die for (figuratively, of course).

Afterwards we stopped by the store Once Upon a Time before heading to the Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage performance.

Did I squeal and die from the experience?


Did I also quietly sing along?


I also remember telling my mother how a crying child needs to shut up because my dream was about to come true and they were interrupting it.

I know. I’m so nice.


We then went on a Star Wars adventure with the Star Tours – The Adventure Continues and Star Wars – Launch Bay. Even though Star Wars – Path of the Jedi was unfortunately closed, we still managed to have an awesome time at the other two Star Wars themed attractions. We got to meet Chewbacca, who gives big hairy hugs, and BB-8, who gives off a pretty sassy vibe with its head turns.

What was really fun, however, was meeting Kylo Ren. I guess my apprehensive look made him think I was the perfect one out of our group to single out. I vaguely remember him saying he sees me being his apprentice. Apparently I responded with a very important question: “Do I get paid?” Pretty sure he said no. When we left, I called him buddy and he told me to be silent.

The beginnings of a great partnership, huh?

In order to kill time before our dinner reservation, we went to the Under the Sea – the Little Mermaid live performance. While it was still nice, it was not as impressive like the Beauty and the Beast one. The majority of it was a montage of the animated film with small moments of live actors. The sea life puppets however, particularly Sebastian, was really fun. The Under the Sea segment was boppin’. I also found it hilarious that Ursula is so incredibly larger than life that they had to create an animatronic of her, and not get an actress to play her instead.

Ursula truly is one of a kind.

Dinner was at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, another incredibly cool pace to have a meal at. The inside is built like a drive-in movie theater, where the ceiling is made out to be like the night sky with stars and palm trees on the side. The seating is like an actual car with built-in tables, so I got the entire backseat to myself. Just like in real life actually 😉 While you eat, there are movie clips and trailers playing on the screen. They’re either sci-fi or monster related shows that are from the 50s to the 60s. It’s a really cool setup that you should definitely check out. It also helps that the food is good too.


We end our time at Hollywood Studios with the Fantasmic! Show. Here’s the thing though, it’s advised that you look for seating between an hour to two before the show begins. “Why is that?” you ask. Well, because the crowd becomes a stampede trying to look for a good place to watch the show. We were lucky considering that we went about twenty minutes before and found seats near the very top area of the arena. It also helped later on with getting to the buses. The show itself, while not as impressive as the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, was still cool. Especially with the special appearances made by so many badass Disney villains, particularly my queens Maleficent and the Evil Queen.

Would I recommend going to it?

Probably only if you go super early and get a seat that’s really close to the stage. Or if you have something to ward off crazy people who are willing to trample you.

A massive thank you to Natasha for taking time out of her day to let us into the park.

The Magic Kingdom Extravaganza, Part 1


Anyone who has an inner child wants to visit Disney World (or Land). It’s the place where having fun and making dreams come true is not only the norm, but thoroughly encouraged. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to visit. But it turns out that the happiest place on earth is also one of the most expensive.

How bubble-popping.

But the time finally came when my cousin Marian pulled some (more like many) strings. As an intern as the park, she was able to give us discounts and snag us tons of fast passes. We ended up mostly paying for food, merchandise and gas. The idea that I was going to Disney World, however, really only hit me when I was actually there. The months leading up to it, and even the drive itself, couldn’t convince me that I would soon be in one of the few places in this world where childhood dreams and nostalgia run rampant.


No heat, humidity, exhaustion, or downpour could deter me from having an amazing time on my first visit. I would get to not only finally be at Walt Disney World, but I would also be sharing the experience my mother (also a first timer) and my awesome cousin whom I typically only see once a year across the globe.

We started off at the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. It’s a really cool game that takes place all over the park itself. The goal of it is to save Pongo’s dalmatians from Cruella de Vil, with the help of Merlin himself, while also facing a potential deal (more like a threat) from Hades. While the game itself is a cool idea, especially with all the interactive mirrors within Magic Kingdom, we were so caught up with our own schedule and distracted by so many things that we ended up not really playing. Sorry Pongo 😦



We went on the Pirated of the Caribbean ride, visited the stores Castle Couture and Bonjour! Village Gifts, got a sneak peek at Cheshire Cafe, and tons more! On the first day, lunch was at Cosmic Ray’s where I had a delicious burger with macaroni and cheese in it. With what was probably the most delicious strawberry slushie ever.


The most surprising ride for me personally was the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Although somewhat unassuming and not particularly thrilling like some of the other rides, I found it really enjoyable. The line is short and fast, with an entrance guarded by a “spitting” camel. There’s a button in each carpet that allows you to control however high up you wish to fly. I, of course, didn’t know this until Marian and her friend MJ decided to mess with me and have us super high off the ground… But it was a really nice ride that didn’t make you want to throw your guts up.

So there’s that.

I will say though, that the Agrabah Bazaar right next to it was disappointing. Nothing about the actual store related to the Aladdin film and was quite unextraordinary. The only cool thing about it was it’s name and the occasional visits by Aladdin and Jasmine.


Another ride that may not be on your radar is Prince Charming Regal Carousel. Like the Carpets ride, the line is pretty short and quick. The ride is one of the oldest at the park and was apparently ridden by Walt Disney himself. It’s, as the name suggests, a charming ride decorated with Cinderella scenes and gorgeous horses. After managing to get a horse adorned with red roses, I lifted my arms off to my side and let them glide along as we spun. It was nice to just be on a calm ride that made your heart soar, especially after dealing with crazy crowds in the heat all day.


The best ride that day, however, was most definitely Splash Mountain. It’s got so many faux drops that the anticipation leading up to the big one is almost unbearable. The animatronics were also really cool. I mean, who doesn’t root for Were Rabbit?




The highlight of the day for me, was hands down the Be Our Guest dinner. As a fervid lover of Beauty and the Beast, this was a no brainer. But if you’re wondering if the hype is justified, it is. The castle is absolutely gorgeous and, in my opinion, more beautiful than the interior of the Cinderella one. There are suits of armor leading to the entrance “talking” about the food and other topics of nonsense, statues of beast-like creatures and a stained glass portrait of the famous couple themselves. The ceiling is angelic with a massive chandelier right in the middle. What was really cool, however, was the simulated view on a snowy mountain making it seem as though it were winter. And yes, the food is actually really, really good.

And you get to meet the Beast too!

And yes, I died a little inside.

To be continued . . .


A massive thank you to Marian and MJ for taking time out of their day to let us into the park.

Eve in Wonderland

Shades from Urban Outfitters. Choker from Free People and necklace from Etsy.

I bought this dress in Malaysia for the sole purpose of taking pictures in it.

The round, red roses to the polka dots to its funky edge screams Alice in Wonderland.

To me at least.


A couple of weeks ago during psychology class, while my professor was checking attendance he asked to speak with me after class.

Naturally I started freaking out because just moments before he mentioned having graded all our tests already. I thought that meant I had failed so badly that I was going to be dropped from the class.

So I could barely concentrate during class because I was fretting over what my professor wanted to speak to me about.


So at the very end of class I go up to him and he says, “Are you famous?”

This obviously catches me off guard.

Then he asks if I really do have 50 thousand followers and if I have a blog.

It turns out that one of his daughters knows who I am and asked about me! My professor connected the dots: Eve, psychology major, University of Dallas. It’s me!

Rings are from indie boutiques.
Whip it!

I was so relieved that I wasn’t in trouble!

I told my professor and he thought it was pretty amusing. I did too, afterwards of course.

By the way, I ended up getting a B on that test.


Bowing out.

Princesses Never Go Out of Style


My mother, the blogger behind Sheela Writes, is part of the monthly collaboration called the Fab 40s. It celebrates women in their forties who don’t let age hinder their awesomeness and sense of style.

This month the theme is Fairytale Princess.

It seemed appropriate, with Beauty & the Beast being recently released. Something which I’ve waited to happen since the day I was born. This moth bloggers would put together an outfit inspired by their personal favorite Disney princess (if their muse is outside the realm of Disney, that’s totally ok too).

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you about this. Well, it’s because I was the one to come up with the idea of channeling a Disney princess and decided to do it too!

Dress is a Badgley Mischka via Rent the Runway.
Ring from an indie boutique.
Necklace was a gift from Momma Bear via Poshmark.
Fun Fact: Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors.
Shoes from JustFab.

So my mother and I both got some Belle-esque dresses in honor of that theme. Because well, you know, I love Belle (as you can see in my previous posts: Belle and My Disney Moment and Another Princess Disney Moment).

Instead of going with a yellow gown (I think I look terrible in that color), I chose this really gorgeous blue dress as an interpretation of the very first outfit Belle wore when she still lived in that “provincial town.”

Belle is an independent and fiery bookworm whose beauty goes beyond her physical appearance. I had always loved her and the movie, but my appreciation for the film deepened as I got older. When I started watching movies set in a high school or centered around a teenager, I became exposed to the idea of outcasts and cliques and the pressure of fitting in. So watching a film with a heroine whose unafraid to be herself, despite others being transparently unkind, struck a chord with me as entered adolescence.


Here are everyone else’s Disney princess inspired outfits:

Jennie as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
Sheela as Belle from Beauty & the Beast.
Veronica as the titular movie character Pocahontas.
Ann as Princess Stephanie of Monaco.
Diane as Joanne “Jo” Polniaczek from The Facts of Life.
Sam as Elsa from Frozen.
Mary as the titular movie character Pocahontas.
Shelbee as Merida from Brave.
I channeled my inner Belle.

A huge shout-out to everyone who was a part of this collaboration!

Everyone’s interpretation of their princess was awesome!

Belle 🥀

Sweater is a gift from my stepbrother’s girlfriend, Bennett. It’s so soft!!!

Today is the day Beauty and the Beast (2017) is finally released!

Disney’s animated version was released in 1991 and won numerous awards for its incredible music and storytelling. Honestly, I’m surprised a live action version of the Disney film has taken so long.

But then again, I’m probably biased since it’s my favorite film of all time.

Lipstick is NINZA by LAQA & Co.
Shades from Urban Outfitters.

When I first heard of the possibility of a live action Disney Beauty and the Beast film in 2015, I was so excited I think I started hyperventilating (yes, it’s quite pathetic). My excitement was further enhanced when I discovered that Emma Watson would be playing the main protagonist, Belle.

Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess. An independent and fiery bookworm whose beauty goes beyond her facade was in my eyes nothing short of inspirational.

Emma Watson appears to be a down-to-earth young woman whom I first took notice of in the Harry Potter series as the strong and intelligent witch, Hermione Granger. But it was her work with Books on the Underground, the Book Fairies, as well as the HeForShe campaign from UN Women that garnered my respect for her.

She, in my opinion, is the perfect Belle.



Every trailer and clip that I watched leading up to the movie’s release always gave me chills.

From the light piano playing in the background to the dance between Belle and her Beast to the stark red rose petals falling slowly to the ground.

All of that on top of the incredible CGI that went into creating the Beast and his staff is awesome! And what is also equally cool is Lefou’s homosexuality. I mean, it’s the 21st century people! There aren’t just straight people! There are lesbians, gays, transgender, aseaxuals, so why shouldn’t they be represented in our media and entertainment? In the words of director Bill Condon on the controversy around it, “I’m so sick of this!”

My momma’s got my back!
Bracelet is part of the Disney Couture line. It was a Christmas gift from my mother.
Shoes from JustFab.
Low-key excited.

My family and a couple of my friends were lucky enough to nab some tickets the day after its premiere.

I’m so excited I’ll probably start crying before the film even begins.

It’s not just about the cool animation or the crazy musical numbers.

It’s getting the same feeling I got when I first watched the animated version when I was a little girl. A sense of complete wonder and content from watching a beautiful and meaningful film.

I’m sure the 2017 version will be as wonderful as the original.

Either way I’ll be humming the title song all the way home afterwards.

Beauty and the Beast

Got My Moral Compass On

Ain’t no wifey.
Jacket from Forever 21.

I was once again given the opportunity to test Lip Smacker’s products 🙂

This time I was given the Marvel Mega Balm Bundle, which, I must say, is awesome! The first one I’ll be reviewing is the Holiday Captain America Biggy.

Lip balm from Lip Smacker.

The Captain America one has a nice berry flavor.

The color of the balm is light blue and is the size of a pepper spray! Also, the flavor of this balm is my favorite out of the bundle.

I found the concept for these products incredibly cool. Everyone has their own inner superhero and I loved the idea of something as simple (and useful) as a lip balm giving you a boost in confidence.

Jeans are Mango.
Shirt is Dimepiece via Poshmark.

The only thing I had struggled with was its massive size. I had to maneuver it in a way that wouldn’t spread all over the lower half of my face.

But once I got the hang of it, 👌👌👌!

Shades from Poshmark.
Booties from Amiclubwear.

Please give Lip Smacker some love on their Insta account and FaceBook page!


We’re All Mad Here

Top from Forever 21.
With my buddy.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try Lip Smacker’s Tsum Tsum- Cheshire Cat Plumberry Wonderland.

I’ve had a soft spot for the Cheshire Cat ever since I played his head in my school’s Alice in Wonderland Jr. Musical. 

Yes, you read correctly. I only played his head, his body and tail were done by two other girls. I always thought it was funny since they were Caucasian and I’m, well, clearly Asian. So various body parts are of different ethnicities and race.


If you’re the type of person who isn’t into lipstick but has an affinity for all things quirky, then you’ll love Lip Smacker products.

They have products that are inspired by various things such as Disney characters, Marvel characters, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and many many more.

Pants from an indie boutique in Malaysia.

I’ve always been apprehensive when it comes to lip balms. Normally they’re as adorable as they are ineffective. But I was pleased to discover that the Cat is both cute and works.


Feelin’ good.
Unicorn, Me, Cheshire Cat, Oh My!
Cuff from Poshmark.
Squad goals.
Shades are Prada.
Choker from Hot Topic.

I mean, look at it!

It’s soooooooo cute.

He’s on a vacation.
In his habitat.

Please show Lip Smacker some love on their Insta account and FaceBook page!

Sneakers from Topshop.

A huge thank you to Lip Smacker for letting me try their product!

Another Princess Disney Moment

Oh, hey there!

Project Sister Act, created by Sheela Writes, is a collaboration amongst bloggers to prove that style is ageless.

This month our theme is Maxi Dress.

And I must say, the outfits put together this week are my favorites out of the entire archive of Project Sister Act.

Super studious.

As we were about to leave for the shoot, my momma suggested that I grab some of my books and imitate my favorite Disney princess Belle.

I’m glad I did.

It gave me something to focus on while passerbys stared.

Shades from an indie boutique.
Choker is Nasty Gal via Poshmark.
Having a mini modern-day Belle moment.
Shoes from JustFab.

So I picked out the books that, in my opinion, had colors that went with those in my dress.

Alice in Wonderland was one of the first books I had ever read. I was so enthralled by how Lewis Carroll could invent such a detailed and kooky world.

Persuasion is one of my favorite novels. I remember being so into the story that I would have a heart attack whenever Anne and Captain Wentworth had an awkward encounter or fight. Like, for real, just get back together!

The Great Gatsby, otherwise known as The Tale of a Third-Wheeler, was one of the books I had to read in my AP English III class. Gatsby, can’t you see that you’re the sidehoe???

Dress from Storets.

September’s Project Sister Act Outfits:

Me, Teens

I love this dress.

Elizabeth, 20s

This girl is literally a real-life Disney princess.

Vanessa, 30s

Such a gorgeous photograph!

Sheela, 40s

Love my momma’s inner child ❤️

Anna, 50s

What a modern take on a maxi dress 👌

A huge thank you to every blogger that contributed this month!

Until next time 🤘


My Disney Moment

My Belle moment.

I’m obsessed with this dress.

It gives off a Beauty & the Beast vibe with its bold rose print and French-inspired shape.

And anyone who knows me knows the Belle is my ultimate bae.

Sofia called this my Alice moment.

However, while we were shooting, Sofia said it gave her more of an Alice in Wonderland feel.

I can see where she’s coming from.

Along with the dress’s overall vibe, the rose print refers to the Golden Afternoon Flowers.

They are as pretty as they are bitchy.

Like teenage girls.

Go figure.

The heat was unbearable that day, but hey, it still turned out great.
Steppin’ out.

Why is it that I’m always doing some form of gravity-defying movement in my shoots?

I swear, one day I’m going to fall flat on my face.

Or I’ll find that my legs have become musclely from all that exercise.

Shades from Poshmark.
Earrings from Anthropologie. Necklace is Alexander McQueen.
Sneakers are Renoma. Dress from Poshmark.

You won’t be able to tell from the pictures, but I was in excruciating pain.

My butt was on fire.

The steps practically fried my tush.

Sofia, our photographer, and her sister Luisa, our videographer, thought it was hilarious and laughed at me.

I was not very happy with them.

Hangin’ out in the heat.

But I suppose they’re forgiven.

After all, they did make me look damn good in the photos and the video (which you can check out on my Instagram @phinayi).

I’m Not Crazy. Ish.

In honor of the release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel I’ve been waiting for for six freakin’ years, I’ve got my Cheshire Cat top on.

In my opinion, the Cat steals the show. But I’m probably biased since I was the Cheshire Cat Head in my middle school musical (yes, just the head since there were three parts to the character).

Top from Hot Topic. Jeans are Seven7.
Shades from Poshmark.
Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell.

Thought I would try something new to display my pictures (and no, it’s not to distract from the fact that I have no idea what to write today).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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