Another Quick Outfit Post

I promise to try and do this a lot more regularly! 😀

I am wearing a Red Leather Zara Jacket (“borrowed from my mom) with an awesome ribcage + heart tee shirt.

Keeping up with the rock and roll feel, I paired these with B&W leggings (they remind of a forest scene) together with what my friend calls my witch boots which are Black with Blood Red Laces.

I’ve kept to the same color palette with my accessories and stacked together Cuff Bracelets in Black and Red Snakeskin (thanks, momma!) together with a Studded White Cuff from Shasa.

For a touch of bling, I’m wearing my Chanel Rhinestone Earrings.


The Many Faces Of Me

At school we had a themed dress up week that was different everyday.

Harajuku Eve
Harajuku Eve.
Gold Duchess Satin making me feel all girly and glam.
Channeling my inner Coco with Gold Duchess Satin.
My version of Sporty Spice.
My version of Sporty Spice.

I like playing dress up.

Note to self – take outfit photos somewhere else.  Those Ozarka water bottles are getting old.

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