That’s Not My Problem

Now normally I would wear a crop top with an undershirt or layer it over a fitted dress because I’m not used to showing off so much skin. But I thought of trying it out since, well for starters it was so freakin’ hot, and also because I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear it.

Damn my hair looks good (so modest).
Standing on my tippy toes 👯

I know that it doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do, but standing on my tippy toes in those shoes was hard. The shoes are a little bit big and the ground had a smooth surface, so I kept slipping and almost lost my shoes frequently.

But it made for a good shot though.

Just chillin’.

Sofia, our photographer, and my mother said I looked like a worn out doll that was done with life.

Half of that is true.

Shades are from Cindy. Ring from Raven Eve Gothic Jewelry via Etsy.
Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell.

We had the photoshoot at my old middle school’s bus circle. I know it seems as though we’re obsessed with it but I promise that’s not the case. It just so happens that it’s near our house and is expansive enough that there are multiple backdrops to choose from in one location.

Peek 🙈 a 🙉 boo!
Top from Forever 21. Shorts from Dee’s.
That’s not my problem!

This top is perfect for when you’re done with whiny bitches who need some common sense. Which is basically the case for me everyday in Science #sorrynotsorry

I know this post isn’t very inspiring. I’m just incredibly run down from AP Exam studying and the search for recommendation letters. I’ll try harder next time 👍, but now I must go do some Spanish work (yay…not really).

I’m Aging Man…and it’s Scary

My mother and I had a photoshoot at my middle school’s track the other day.

I haven’t been there for almost three years.

It seems so much smaller than it did before.

It’s funny how you look back and realize how much easier it used to be.

High school’s cray.

I have a minimum of five tests and quizzes on average per week. Not to mention the piles of homework and extra classes for the SAT, the ACT, and whatever other letter combinations that the College Board can think of.

Life seemed so much simpler before.

No, I cannot actually jump that high. Sophia is just really good at her job.

I have to say, Sofia, our photographer, made me do more exercise than I had ever done in all my three years at middle school.

I hated that track.

The gym teachers would make us run five laps and I HATED it with a burning passion of a thousand suns.

Not just because I despise exercise, but also because we would run no matter how cold or how hot the weather would be.

I would always return to the lockerroom either feeling like I had frostbite or feel as though I were about to pass out from heatstroke (yes, I am a drama queen).

Just chillin’. Keepin’ it natural.
That is not a smile of happiness. It is a smile of pain for holding that position for so freaking long.
Just adding in some Mean Girl love 😉 .
Showing some shoe love ❤️
Signature Willow Smith Move
Sunglasses from Poshmark

Despite the fact middle school was way easier than high school, if given the choice, I wouldn’t go back in time to relive it all again.

High school may be stressful, and sometimes I mistake it for a juvenile hall, but it’s strangely liberating. You get a lot more options in terms of course choices, and they’re also more interesting. Such as Psychology, Latin, Cooking, and there’s even a class called Mobile App Development (this is legit).

Was I initially disappointed because I realized real high schools don’t have students that spontaneously break into song and dance? Immensely. But the other stuff that’s in the typical American high school movies, like clubs and trips, do actually exist and that’s pretty cool.

Even though growing up is scary and overwhelming, it’s also cool all at the same time. Like a roller coaster. You may feel as though you’re about to die from fear, but you’re also excited for what’s to come next (I know, that’s deep).

Another Quick Outfit Post

I promise to try and do this a lot more regularly! 😀

I am wearing a Red Leather Zara Jacket (“borrowed from my mom) with an awesome ribcage + heart tee shirt.

Keeping up with the rock and roll feel, I paired these with B&W leggings (they remind of a forest scene) together with what my friend calls my witch boots which are Black with Blood Red Laces.

I’ve kept to the same color palette with my accessories and stacked together Cuff Bracelets in Black and Red Snakeskin (thanks, momma!) together with a Studded White Cuff from Shasa.

For a touch of bling, I’m wearing my Chanel Rhinestone Earrings.


The Many Faces Of Me

At school we had a themed dress up week that was different everyday.

Harajuku Eve
Harajuku Eve.
Gold Duchess Satin making me feel all girly and glam.
Channeling my inner Coco with Gold Duchess Satin.
My version of Sporty Spice.
My version of Sporty Spice.

I like playing dress up.

Note to self – take outfit photos somewhere else.  Those Ozarka water bottles are getting old.

Quick Outfit Post

I know I know, I need to work a little harder and do these posts as they happen.

Still trying to get into the groove of 8th Grade and juggling everything together is challenging, but I’m getting there..hopefully.






Here I am wearing the most adorable frock ever from Japan.

It’s in a shade of Nude/Beige with Black Kitties and Blue Fish.


Then there’s that Leather Jacket from Zara.

Love it.

I accessorized with a Bollywood Blue Cuff which has really cool Metallic Gold undertones, a beaded Faux Pearl Bow Necklace, a button bade featuring a print of Black Lips (this was a gift from Project Runway All Star Winner Mondo Guerra), a Brown Alligator Double Wrapped Cuff (I love being able to “borrow” stuff from my momma), and super funky doodle Dark Brown Slouchy Boots.

These are terrific, they’ve got buckles and a braided trim which echoes the Katniss braid I had going that day.

Until next time!

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